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Half Marathon preparation and recovery?

I have a HM in September and run 10k once a week right now (with 2 X 5k) per week. Planning to steadily increase my weekly long run until I can do the 20k. I will keep my eye on my legs and continue to have running rest days. Does that seem a sensible plan? I run mostly on grass and trails so hope running up and down hills and uneven tracks is making me fit enough. Would I need to reduce my distances before the event and what sort of after event distances would be best?

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Sounds sensible to me, i would try a couple of 5k during the week a nice easy run and a try and go for some kind of pace run where your running slightly out of breath and then a nice easy long run at the weekend remembering to run at conversational pace even up them hills!

But differently take rest days two if you feel you need it after your long run.

Yes you should taper always taper a week or so in advance of your race cut down to just a couple of slow 5k's as for after well take a couple of days off and then see how your body feels, maybe go for a slow 5k.

But september is a long way away if you start training now you would reach your peak before your race.

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All sounds good... You have loads of time to train. There are lots of training plans out there if you like to have the structure of a plan??This is a google search I did just to show how many there are:

I didnt follow a plan for my first but pretty much did as you are. I did however run the whole distance beforehand just to mentally prove to myself that i could. Good luck :)

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Thanks! Plans apart fron C25K haven't worked well for me so I will stick to my own and adjust it as I go along. I have a 10k in June but have already done that distance so feel it will be ok. I want to know I can manage the HM distance before September just so my brain feels happy I can!


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