Sorting out my eating habits pre marathon!

I have a place in the Brighton Marathon so less than three months to go! This will be my first marathon and to say I am excited is an understatement. I am following my training plan and not feeling at all fazed about the longs runs that really start to ramp up in February. My problem is trying to eat healthily and stay away from all the junk that is the only thing I want to eat at this time of year...well any time of year really! I have put on half a stone over the last few months (especially christmas) and am really struggling to lose it!.

Ideally I would like to lose a stone over the next few months. I guess I am worried that I wont do myself justice if I don't ditch the junk but just can't seem to get my head in the right place at tthe moment.

Anyone else sturuggling with following a balanced healthy diet as part of marathon training?

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  • I lost 27 lbs while doing C25K but since then, struggled to keep losing and have 21 lbs to go. I use a free App called My Fitness Pal that has been very helpful. I log everything I eat on there which does help me to avoid naught snacks. My feeling is that food is what I need to focus on for weight loss and exercise for fitness as I do not think running itself is what allowed me to lose. I have a half marathon in September, excited to hear more about your marathon training - have u avoided injury?

  • Well done on you weight loss so far, I lost three stone in 2014 but have put a stone back on, so ideally would like to lose this again! I started couch to 5k 2 years ago (it is my runniversary tomorrow) and touch wood I have been very lucky with injuries. I think that this is probably down to the fact that I regularly attend yoga and pilates classes - I am still not very flexible but they do seem to help.

  • It is hard. When I started C25k I lost 1.5 stone but then piled it back on- in muscle though I'm sure. I have just managed to lose a stone which took me 3 months and I used myfitnesspal. It does give a good reality check with how much we actually need. After my marathon last year is when I piled it on as I felt starving but just kept eating even though I wasn't doing the v long runs! I would focus on your training and getting fuelling right for the day and being healthy, then worry about weight after perhaps. I hope to see you at Brighton :)

  • Training had been been going quite well but I am laid up in bed with the flu at the moment and was worried that I would not be able to get out for any runs this week. I have just read one of your other posts and it gave me hope that I would still be able to do my planned long run on Sunday which is 20k. You seem to be far ahead of me in milage terms, I am following an Asics training plan and I am not due to get up 24K until mid February. The plan only included one 20 mile run but I am planning on doing two as one really does not feel like it will be enough. How many 20 mile+ runs did you do for your last marathon?

  • Why make work harder for yourself by eating junk. Eat junk and you'll feel like junk. You will carry it with you. Just stop eating it. Simples!

    We are what (horrible cliche but true) and if you eat clean then you will feel so much better. It'll be a revelation to you and you'll have more energy. Chuck out stuff that's hindering your progress. Give it away or dump it. You could turn it into bird cake! Once you clear the decks replace it with healthy eats and get creative.

    There is nothing like a looming marathon to make you focus on the task in hand, which is to get fit. Crack on!

  • Very true, I can feel that my running is definately affected by carrying the extra weight so I am not doing myself justice at the moment. I just need to get my head in the right place so that I dont come home from work and eat half a packet a biscuits which is what I have been doing lately!

  • Get rid of foods that will sabotage your good intentions. Birds will appreciate it 😊

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