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A new route and a BOMB!!!


I did a fabulous new 9 mile trail with my sister and friend on Saturday. My friend knew the route which really helped as I am the get lost queen!!..

We went over the M5, found an unexploded bomb and the site of a Roman coin find.. We took it slow and v steady with lots of breaks to take it all in and refuel etc.... I loved it ❤

Then yesturday 4 miles on my trail in 41 minutes which I am so happy with as it covered 425 feet of elevation! Not as wet as it has been but incredibly muddy!

What were your weekend running highlights??

Happy panthering,


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Weekend highlights was running an icy cold but dry 5 miles along my usual Thames path route from Isleworth to Ham. Sploshed through some muddy puddles and had a rest at 4K to get my heart rate back down. Then headed home. Loads of runners out Sunday morning which means that either running is the new rock and roll or half of them are "New Years Resolution" runners who will fall by the wayside in a week or two! let's hope it's the former.

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to danzargo

Well done!! I noticed that too and kept me smiling!! I was also a bit miffed when an elderly gent we passed said, 'keep fit is it?' to which I replied,' yes' and he had the cheek to say,' I'm sure it wont last more than a few weeks' cheeky $od !!

😱 rudeness to the Panther! I would have jogged back to him and asked "how old are you?" And when he replied gone "ah dont think youll last more than a few weeks" and panthered off! How bloody rude!

Don't worry i find people like that are just jealous that they are too lazy to do it themselves

ju-ju-Marathon in reply to Tattoojunkie30

Mind you he was about 100 😳

Drives me nuts tht old people think theycan be as rude as they want just because theyre old - manners cost nothing 😊


Cheeky old get!

Lovely photo Ju! Good lass. You're making some right progress. You'll be fitter than a butcher's dog you will. Your run sounds just wonderful

Hi Dan!

I'm training for a 10k and unfortunately in the "fast" phase which I can't wait for it to be over.

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