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Worry about Dementia

My husband woke up the other day after having a dream and he knew he was awake he said when he looked at me he didn't know who I was where he was and didn't recognise the room. He thought is this what Alzheimers is like he then went to the bathroom and said oh yes I know where I am then had thoughts of but do I ? I am concerned his memory is not good at times could this be the start of dementia has anyone who knows of dementia experienced this please

I'm new to this site can anyone advise

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Hello, i have Dementia for about 4 years, is this the first time he has done that and what age is he


He is 58 he forgets things we have discussed last year he had an episode when he got up and thought he was working he hasnt worked since he was 40 he was injured it lasted a good 5 minutes. He doesn't tell me everything I know he doesn't. He only tells me when it worries him enough to tell me. If that makes sense.


He's the same age as myself, and you really should get him to the drs asap. With me I can forget something from 5 minutes earlier.

GPs asap on Teusday , no excuses.

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This is a hypnopompic delusion, which sounds awful but is quite common. It becomes more frequent as we get older. It is sometimes an early symptom of Alzheimer's, but most often not, so don't worry unduly; but do get your husband checked by his doctor.

What happens is that we sometimes wake up in stages: our body becomes active before our brain stops dreaming. Usually this is only a matter of seconds, but it can go on for hours in extreme cases. During this liminal (in-between) state we can often remember our dreams - because they are being anchored by physical sensations - which can leave us feeling disoriented when we finally wake up fully. This can feel like dementia, but it isn't.

I have "enjoyed" hypnopompic delusion since childhood - sometimes it's fun, sometimes it isn't. Having childhood nightmares that carry on while you are "awake" isn't fun, but seeing a unicorn in your bedroom is, kind of. Once you know what is happening you can take control and use it to your advantage; I can get up in the night, go downstairs, have a wee, get back to bed and still be on the edge of sleep. Of course, one time I walked through a perspex screen that my brain told me was open but reality insisted wasn't...

So don't worry, and tell your husband what is happening. He may come to enjoy these sleep-wake moments, and you can ignore those weird little sleep-wake speeches about why cheese has caused the upcoming election (not my finest moment, but I still think it's as good an explanation as any).



I have Vascular Dementia and yes it happens to me sometimes but the pillow next to me is empty, I always go to say good morning so I then toddle of into the bathroom look in the mirror, I'm still here lol, it must be very hard for you and all the other angels, he doesn't earn these things, unfortunately he can't help it, it's a strange place that he's in every day, bless you for being there.


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