After effects 😥

Hi everyone, I am still paying for my ranting and raving during the run up to Election Day. Prior to going to the polls a conservative rep. Came to the door. I bet he wished that he hadn't bothered 😕 so of we went to vote. On the way in I stumbled over a carpet in their entrance. Since than I have been in agony with my back. Real bad spams punishment for me. Makes life a bit difficult as I can barely look after myself at the moment, never mind my husband. He had to take meat out of the oven for me, and I had to push him out of the way of the oven door. As he didn't realise that it would be hot. So many things we take for granted, and it can be really dangerous for people with dementia. I hope you are all enjoying the nice summer weather and have a peaceful weekend.😊


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  • Hi there

    So now you might use a postal vote?? Sorry to hear about your back, I'm a sufferer too! Know what you mean, so many dangerous things out there that were once quite harmless huh? And then there's the not knowing what kind of day it's going to be, a fairly steady one or a really bizarre one. At the moment I'm suffering with the 'nothing I do being right', even the ice lolly was too cold today!! Well, I enjoyed mine, and yes, it was cold...just what the doctor ordered!

  • Hi Lell1 slowly getting there still hurts but painkillers are doing the job. Finally finished all the paperwork at the solicitors, and so we soldier on. My husband noticeably getting worse. The hot weather probably place a part, or it just one of those things. At least it has cooled down here this morning. I hope your day will be peaceful and don't take it to heart. I know easier said than done, all you can do is your best. Look after yourself and take care. 😊

  • Hi renji are you okay? Not heard from you for a while?

  • Hi lell1, thank you for asking, I am fine thanks. And you? Just coping as best as I can. We managed to get attendance allowance sorted for my husband. And in the process of a reduction in the council tax. But they are rather slow. Other than that have not had any support from anyone. Had a bit of a diversion in the garden. So far managed to catch on cctv three foxes and two badgers. They made a big hole underneath the fence and in the come. I hope that I don't come face to face with them. I die of a heart attack. How I are things your end? Are you coping OK? Hugs 😘 Rienij


  • Hey, good to hear there has been some movement forward for you guys! The council certainly don't rush with these things, but you could try asking to get it back dated to the date of diagnosis? Dependent on your financial circumstances, you could also get a financial assessment to help pay for care should you need it? Also for house modifications if deemed necessary (that's the hard bit!!) I can't quite get my head around whether the council decide that dementia is life-limiting (sorry Phil!), and so entitles you to further assistance regarding costs? We are told that it is by the medical profession, but it doesn't seem to be acknowledged anywhere else?

    Great news about your wildlife visitations! Intriuging what they get up to huh? Like you, it's ok on camera but in the flesh I would probably pooh my pants! I put a gazebo up for my dad (nicknamed the boudoir!) so that he can sit outside should the sun ever decide to shine again!

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