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Free online course on Dementia

University College London is running a free online course starting next week called The Many Faces of Dementia. This course already has thousands of other people around the world enrolled and the online community is very warm and welcoming.

In this free online course you’ll discover some of the key issues in dementia care and research by exploring four less common forms of dementia through the eyes of people affected by the condition, and world-leading experts at UCL. The course research into the signs, stages, symptoms and causes of less common forms can bring us closer to the aim of defeating dementia.

The only requirement is an interest in dementia, its effects on people and the brain.

We hope that this course will be of particular interest to:

- Anyone who works with people diagnosed with dementia

- People who have a friend or family member who has dementia

- People in the early stages of the disease

- Students with an interest in learning more about dementia

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I would love to learn and understand more about dementia my mother has Alzheimer's has done for 6 years

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I hope the courses help you in any way and allows you to connect with other learners on the course that are also caregivers of their parents. Best wishes, Phoebe


Hi im 48 and scared and confused. I have not just been forgetting i can't recall even with triggers things i just did.


Lady lexy Hi we're in the same boat or maybe a similar one as there can be many causes of this. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome but recently odd things have been happening such as swelling all over and my face aswell as the terrible memory problems and inability to find words.

What does your doctor say?


Hi there, i was in mid fifties when i started being confused and forgetful like you are, and i had blood tests and was diagnosed with under active thyroid and iron deficiency, took medication for thyroid and iron supplement and things improved a lot. It could be worth getting a blood test to check your thyroid. :).


Hi need to learn more about dementia know several cases now, including my Mum.


Many thanks. I worked in a dementia care home for a brief period, and been on a weekend course for families. It all helps. My mum has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. I've signed up and started it.


are these courses still running?


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