Hi everyone, I watched the debate on TV last night. Wouldn't it be nice if Politicians came up with a straight answer. So there is going to be a cap on the care we pay for. But nobody knows how much. Looks like they dismissed the ceiling of £72,000 . Would cost the government to much. 😒 Another thought that puzzles me. If there are so many people needing the care. Where are they going to find all the carers, and the potential care homes? Because as far as I could see, there was no extra money for the NHS or the caring profession. But of course the care comes mainly from the nearest and dearest which of course is free. When we were younger and working we contributed to the care and pensions of the older generation, and it never occurred to us to moan about it. But all of a sudden government seems to deem it unfair that the younger generation does the same. Still we will have to soldier on, after all I have got my list of phone numbers should I need help. 😕


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  • I heard today that it wasn't definitely plus it the Tories get back in we can all kiss your mobility and a few more, like pensions, mobility vehicles, and many other things , THE NHS will be finished off as in dead, the Tories just want to see us crawling in the 1920s and 30s looking for the crumbs the rats don't want.

    I'm voting ( you might all fall out with me) Labour is my choice because they are the only party that cares for us lot of dead beats.


  • Heard on the news 8 million project looking into a decline of a small fish in the rivers! To me that about put it in perspective where people with dementia are in the pecking order. Stop putting all the waste into rivers that should solve the problem. Free advice. Hope you are well Philip. I certainly won't fall out with you. Who you vote for is your prerogative .Rienij

  • I do believe that modern living has brought a lot of illnesses, there's chemicals in almost everything. I hope they find a cure soon,although for me it's to late unfortunately lol, when I went to the hospital , the consultant said, " I'm sorry we cannot do anything to help and that I've had a huge amount of of Tia's that I didn't realise I've had.

    Any way keep well, I'm glad you won't fall out with me lol.


  • Hi Philip are you still around? Haven't seen any post from you lately. Just to let you know got the attendance allowance sorted. Hope you are well.

  • I certainly wouldn't fall out with you, and definitely not over politics. Sorry to here your news from the consultant. But I am glad that you still have a good sense of humour. I am hoping that the local conservative representative comes to my door. Can't wait to have a word lol! I know an elderly lady who sits with her dressing gown on all day during the winter, can't afford heating on until evening. But she is hanging on to her little bungalow for dear life. Teresa May hasn't got a clue. Anyhow you take care and give them hell. Enjoy life as much as you can. ☺️ Rienij


  • Hi Rienij

    Poor comfort that you belive in politics and their manifestos!! They have been bandying care caps for a fair few years, with not even a nominal parameter. They do put into education and NHS with the amount to be 'given'. However, what good has it done in the last 20 years? Good to bad comes to mind, nothing is any better than it was, and social care is still the slave. We pay nurses, doctors, managers, CEOs, teachers, head teachers, support staff, to name a few...but do we pay for those who do the majority of caring in the home, day-to-day with the individual who probably feels that they are being a burden on family? No, we don't. They don't think about those of us who have given up paid work, still with a mortgage and car finance to pay, with utility bills, taking the individuals to appointments (as well as the cost of/availability transport) , taking them out just get get a change of scenery for both the individual and the carer. There are young carers, there are mid-life carers, carers who are on their own, carers who are part of the family support. And the only people who care about the carers are other carers!

  • Hi Lell1, you are so right. Was speaking to a neighbor whose husband died last year Alzheimer's. She even had to pay back overpayment of attendance allowance 4 days over payed . She never got any support from anyone. But where is it all going to end? Read in our local paper which covers Oxfordshire. Apparently Oxfordshire health authority has told GP to reduce medication for people in care or frail over 75. For every £ 2.00 saved GP's would get £ 1.00 would you believe it!! Quite obvious older people are surplus to requirement. I don't know about you but it really gets me down, and feel helpless because there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. Even when we think to vote for the right party, do any off them ever keep there promises. All we can do and carry on and look after our wife/husband/child/ or parent as best we can. I am very great full for my garden it keeps me sane, just a peaceful corner to sit in. You take care best wishes Rienij

  • Absolutley appalling, but quite frankly it's the kind of thing that we have come to expect. Can we get something going that even when they die you are continuing to care for their effects, ergo, are entitled to attendance allowance?? As for the GP, sounds like die one, get one free! The younger GPs don't seem to care about patients, just getting their qualification, and the older ones just think about retirement. If you're lucky and get the in-between age group you may stand a fighting chance! I love my garden too, it is my space for me to be me. I potter as often as I can out there, it feels like a comfort blanket?

  • We used to have a wonderful GP, unfortunately he had enough of all the red tape and gave up doctoring. He gave me a big hug and wished us good luck. Little did I know at the time that I was going to need it. He was a tremendous support for me and my husband. Have only seen a GP once since. So the local support has gone. Apparently the patient with dementia is entitled to attendance allowance plus a reduction in Council tax. But knowing my luck, I can just hear it COMPUTER says NO. Lol. I am going outside for a sanity check, weather is still nice. If you can o the same. ☺️

  • Yep on both counts! You'll need to fill a form that needs to be sent to the GP that you then send to the local council for reduction! Why can't they just have a register that they up-date?? Have you done PoA? And a will? Have just been in the garden and it just fills me the strength I need to carry on! A love affair!

  • In the process of changing wills and poa. 2 one for finance and one for health. Seen a solicitor last Friday. I find it all very depressing.It is all so much to sort out, as you say it could be a lot easier. So many things to think about and change just to protect your family and yourself. And it probably won't make any difference. Still I do the best I can. I too love my garden. Just picked a bunch of Peonies and they smell gorgeous.

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