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Small change - stable?

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Just went for another control for myopic CNV (left eye). The doc saw one small nee “change” (I saw a bump) in the retina and said there was no reason to inject now, and I should come back for next check in a month. Has anyone had such bumps simply remaining stable? I want to get a new pair of glasses but the bump may alter my eyesight again if it turns into a bleed and since I need prisms in the glasses now, it is a pretty costly affair. Doc advised to wait before buying and see if it remains stable,but I am fed up with a prism sticker on my one glass… and they have been telling me to wait since January 🙄

Any xperience highly appreciated ☺️

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Hi there just wondering how long have you had the fresnal prism was it put in in January? I have had many fresnals and have had 2 incorporated I usually have to wait 9 months to get mine incorporated. If I given a new fresnal I go back every 3 months to see how it’s all going. Prisms are not very expensive to get have at least that’s what I found you also should get a NHS voucher if in UK which helps with the cost. I wish you well

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I had this prism (film that sticks to the glass) for s few months but find the fuzziness (on rop of what scarring of retina gives) distracting. Hence I wanted it built in to my lenses. I am not in UK and need to pay myself. Will get a quote and see what the cost is. Just got new lenses a few months ago due to increasing myopia, so I am cost sensitive 😏

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The sticky prism is called a fresnal ( prounouced ‘frenal’ ) it is frustrating I know. I myself have Diabetic macular oedema and only got my 13 dioptre fresnal incorporated ( ground in) which was split between each lens last year and now it’s happened again. So I have blenderm tape over one glasses lens at the moment. I wish you well.

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Shoot, is your need for prism also caused by the bleeds? I am surprised that the doctors took so long to realize that my seeing double could be fixed so easily… They are just too specialized, I feel. I have ICL so my glasses are just the correction on top of those -12 dioptries that are in the eye. Wish you well, as well!

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tallyho in reply to KDCH

I am a high myope as well with -12 refractive error in my right and no useful central vision in my left so they just balance the lens. No ability to drive anymore due to sight loss. I have the following

Diabetic macular Odema for which I have monthly injections

Had 96 in right eye so far


Ocular hypertension for which I had bilateral iridotomies in 2016

Diplopia ( double vision) prisms 13 diopter (base in)

Ptosis ( drooping eyelids) so probable ocular myasthenia

And dry eyes for which I have punctual plugs inserted which have been great.

Double vision probably caused by ocular myasthenia.

Wishing you well.

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