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Latest injection

Hi All

Had my 8th Eyelea injection thursday. When I asked how many more I was told maybe another 2 - 3 after this one then trial how it goes after. Asked about the build up of medication around a floater that just gets bigger after each injection but told it is not going to go so I have to get used to it. It is annoying especially when I had a visitor drop in from the ceiling a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was the floater moving on the sofa arm then refocussed & it was a rather big hairy spider, had to evict it as one of my cats eats the poor things. So hate my eye, boo hoo Lol!!

Next appointment is 3 months this time as Doc was pleased with the way my sight is holding up even though I was 2 letters down on last time on the test. New Doctor did injection last time & was there thursday. She is really good, gentle & calming which really helps.

Only problem I had this time was a question I asked the Doctor but he just rushed on to writing up the Injection sheet. Does anyone know if when you have had dry AMD then wetAMD does the dry change to wet or do we have dry & wet in the same eye? It is something I have not yet got an answer to.

Hope you all are as lucky as me with your sight holding up.

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Good news Cormorin ! Long may it continue x

Interesting about the floaters getting bigger, hadnt realised that could happen.

Lol re spider - used to get very twitchy "seeing" them run across the floor out the corner of my eye, hasnt been a real one yet but its only a matter of time ha ha x

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Dear Cormorin,

RE: Your question - "Does anyone know if when you have had dry AMD then wet AMD does the dry change to wet or do we have dry & wet in the same eye?"

Dry AMD is related to the ageing process and is more common in individuals over the age of 55 years. The deterioration is generally relatively slow and usually over a period of months and years. However, how fast and how far the condition deteriorates is variable between individuals. There is currently no treatment for it, however, we talk about the importance of various lifestyle considerations which can hopefully have a positive impact on eye health and possibly potentially slow down the deterioration a little.

10-15% of people with the dry type go on to develop wet AMD in the same eye. Therefore it is important that if an individual does notice any sudden eye changes, that they act act rapidly and go to the optometrist so that they can check behind their eyes or else attend  the emergency eye clinic. If the optometrist identifies possible wet, then the Royal College of Ophthalmology guidelines indicate that they must do a fast track referral on the day of the appointment, via fax, straight through to the eye clinic, so that the individual can be seen and treated within 2 weeks.

The function of the injections for wet AMD is to suppress the abnormal blood vessels, stabilise the eye, maintain vision and prevent further damage. Therefore, if the eye becomes stable for a period of time, there will be no function for the injections. However, it is possible that the wet AMD may become active again, in  which case further injections would be needed.

I hope that this addresses your query.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help. Our helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Kind regards,


Thanks for your reply Rosalynn this helped to a degree but still no idea if you can have both wet & dry AMD in one eye. Have not managed to get an answer from the Consultant or any of the Doctors if the two conditions co-exist . Does the dry still carry on growing while the wet is treated? Does the dry turn into wet meaning that there is then only one form of AMD present?

Sorry if I am not making much sense  but do not know how else to phrase the question. Perhaps I didnt make it clear what I was trying to ask & this is why those I asked just waffled. Probably my bad so sorry.

Trying to find out as after being told the wet is being managed I still see the dark spot getting bigger & darker which is scary as means I am nearer to losing my central vision.


Hello Cormorin,

Yes, you can have  both wet AMD and dry AMD in the same eye.

Everyone with wet AMD does have some dry AMD underlying it.

Yes, if the wet is being treated, the dry can continue to deteriorate, as this is primarily related to the ageing process.

For medical questions relating to your eyes in particular, it is advisable to ring your ophthalmologist's secretary.

If this has not addressed your question, please ring us with any general queries on the

Macular Society Helpline, 0300 3030 111, 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,

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Hi Rosalynn many thanks for your reply. That has answered my question at last. For some reason none of the Doctors at the Clinic would give me a clear answer, have no idea why.

Again thanks for clearing it up, can always rely on you guys at Mac Soc to give us a clear answer 😊

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