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Eyelea injection intervals

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Ophthomologist made my Eyelea injection interval 5 months for macular edema following brvo. It has been every 2 months. I have been getting injections for at least 4 years now. The central vision is gone and counting fingers only. I know when it's time to get another injection by the symptoms. Eye feels heavy and (don't laugh) the floaters seem to be broader almost affecting my other eyes acuity. I changed my appt to 1 month sooner (yesterday) the oct showed significant edema. I am posting this because if you feel like your vision has changed notify your doctor. I am thankful that I have one good eye and believe me I protect it !

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Totoally agree, I had 3 injections , then not needed at next 2 monthly visits, but I check everyday for change and would get straight back to hospital if any..!!..

Thank you we do know our eyes!

I too am on year 4 of treatment for oedema after brvo. Feel lucky to still have pretty good central vision with minimal permanent damage. I am sorry you've suffered so much.

May I ask, did they ever offer you a steroid implant? Sorry if we've already had this conversation in another post!

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