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Vision loss following eyelea injection


Cloudy vision and deterioration following eyelea injection

Has anyone experienced worse vision after eylea injection? My mum has had injection for several years now but different doc did the injection and it just didn't seem the same?

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how long ago did she have the injection? I had mine on Thursday and my vision took a day to get back to usual.

Rogerl07 in reply to Koalajane

Monday morning, it's just usually she can see fine after and this was different?

Koalajane in reply to Rogerl07

I had my Eylea injection in both eyes and the right eye cleared quickly and was not sore. The left eye was sore and blurry. 12 hours later the soreness went but it was blurry for most of Friday. I find different doctors/nurses do it differently, and sometimes I come out and think I never felt that and both eyes are clear after about 3 hours. I don’t know why it can be different.

If she is still having trouble does she have the number of the eye clinic to speak to them?

Hope it improves.

Rogerl07 in reply to Koalajane

Many thanks for your reply, it's nice to get others opinion and experience. I will see how it goes by tomorrow

I always have blurry/cloudy vision after a injection of eyelea for about 36 hours most of these injections r so very painful for about 45 minutes after then just uncomfortable after that I feel pain in my head and down my neck not in the actual injection

Rogerl07 in reply to thom3patty

Many thanks for your reply its good to hear your experience to compare best wishes. I will see how she is tomorrow

thom3patty in reply to Rogerl07

Hope all is well

Hi thom3patty. I am wondering if you feel nervous/stressed prior to and during the injection and maybe your neck and head muscles are therefore tight and maybe that's why you feel pain there afterwards. Just a thought. x

Maybe but it’s weird that it is intense pain that goes

From behind my eye to my brain and down my neck I thought maybe a reaction to the eyelea but only lasts about 45 minutes it is so bad I usually end up getting sick from pain amount they do extra numbing and a heavy wash so I really don’t know y

Have you mentioned this to your opthalmologist? If not, it may be worth a word or you could ring the number they should have given you for emergencies after injections. Alternatively, if you don't see the opthalmologist before injection, mention it to the person who does the injection. Whatever you choose, I would mention it.

Rogerl07 in reply to springcross

Yes have mentioned it to secretary they said see if it settles, thanks for the replies everyone 👍

Hi Roger107. I get this sometimes even with the person who normally does the injection. However, two days is a while for the eye to still be blurry so I would call the emergency number she should have been given and ask advice. Hope all goes well for her. x

Rogerl07 in reply to springcross

Thanks for this nice to get others experience and opinions 👍

You've answered your own question..."different doc did the injection"'s all about the skill & technique of the injector...

Rogerl07 in reply to kevinaki

Yes I agree it does seem to be the case 👍

Last year, when my regular doctor wasn't available, his colleague did the injection and I knew something wasn't right because everything was blurry and stayed blurry. I suddenly noticed halos on lights at night. I didn't call in but, when I went for my next Eyelea treatment, I was told I had a cataract. I told the doctor I believed it happened because of the injection but I'm sure he didn't believe that to be the case. Anyway, your mom might want to ask about that.

Rogerl07 in reply to LB1st

Yes she has got a Cateract now as well but this was a sudden change thanks for the lovely replies 👍

Budster1 in reply to LB1st

Hi.... my cataract has gotten progressively worse after my last few injections. If you research information on injections, it says that can happen. ...and yes, suddenly. I will be having that corrected later this summer. Hope all goes well for mom.

I had my 19 Eyelea injection on Tuesday and it was the worst ever, done by my lovely consultant who apologized profusely afterwards. The anesthesia just wasn’t covering the site of the jab! Eye painful and blurry for rest of the day, had to take painkillers which I never usually do. Now just sore and watery. The

Blurry sight doesn’t usually last more than the day the injection is done.

Strangely enough I did find a alteration of vision the other week, after procedure 18 on my left eye, despite copious irrigation burning and quite severe pain, also the following day blurry vision with a reduced overall vision. I considered my glasses needed renewal, visited optician, new glasses ordered. After about 8 days vision returned to normal.

Annoying as I had paid £1200 for new glasses ( still to arrive).

Yes mostly with avastin, it's like a week or so before I see better than prior to the shot. But happens with eyelea, it doesn't get better instantly.

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