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Dark shadows in central vision


When I am in a low light room and I blink my eyes I see a dark shadow that fades away when I leave my eyes open. It comes back and fades away if I blink over and over. I also see a small slight distorted spot in vision when I first wake up in the mornings. I just went to a ritina specialist two days ago and full had a full exam. He really checked my retina, the examination light nearly killed me, and he found nothing wrong. No drunen, and said the retina looks great. I also went to a ophthalmologist a month ago and did find a cataract in my right eye, but said my retina is in great condition. I told him what I was experiencing and he said it could be you are spending too much time on electronic devices and TV. I bought blueblocking glasses and my eyes feel better, but the shadows in central vision are still there. Also, I have blue colored string lights in my room and when I blink when they are on at night, I see a donut shape ring in my central vision. What the heck is going on. I am 48 years old. No history of eye problems in my family, except my mom had cataracts removed in her eyes in her late forties and a tear from coughing too hard repaired. Is this something part of the functionality of the eyes?

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It sort of sounds like Central serous chorizo retinopathy to me. This is my condition. But on OCT exam would show fluid obstructing the retina. Normally it resolves itself but it has been chronic for me for years.

I do not know if I had a OCT scan. I have to look that up. I do not know what that is. I can see perfectly during the day. I do use reading glasses with 1.25 strength. I even forget I have something going on until the nighttime, blinking my eyes. If I never blink in a low lite room, I would never see it either. The weirdest thing is the smoke donut rings in my central vision in the blue light of my string lights in my room. I have stopped using them. Do not know if it causing any harm.

I see the same "donut" when blinking, but it's because I have the diagnosis "epiretinal membrane" which is pulling on the macula (I also have a small blind spot in the center). It would be strange if you had it though since specialists would most likely instantly see it in the cross-section scans (it looks and behaves almost exactly the same as CSR as mentioned above btw).

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I do not have any blind spots. Just the donut rings in blue lights from LED’s. I do not see donuts in any other light colors. I can see very fine print with glasses and notice nothing else. Weird...

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