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Back from holiday


I took the advice of some folks in this community and went on my weeks holiday.I have been to see the consultant at our local hospital ,first time.Must admit pretty depressing waiting room, all old folks and many looking very fragile, did make me feel awful for being such a *wusse* about my eyes. The nurses who did the prelims , like eye chart and eye drops were so off hand and just shouted out patients names from in a room . The consultant who is head of the unit was not much better, very matter of fact, answered my questions before I had even finished asking them, by interrupting me.Too much power me thinks , he was very offhanded with three student doctors who were in the examining room , and had no time for them either, really quite rude. He is sending me for a Fundus angiogram dye test and an injection of anti veg ...when I finally got to ask him about them ,his reply was *Oh they will explain that to you when you go * I managed to scrape in a * do I need to stop taking my Rivaroxaban and how long after the injection can I fly, He said * no need to stop anything you take and you could fly the same day * He also said if the appointment for the injections comes before the dye test ,then have it done as it won`t do any harm if it turns out that I don`t have WAMD . I also asked about appointment times he said He had no idea the secretaries made them all he did was order them.Yet the consultant I saw privately before my holiday advised to stop the Rivaroxaban the day before the injection and on the day until 2 hours after the injection ,not to fly for 3 days.I asked him about a holiday I have had booked and paid for months ago ,due on the 21st for 2 weeks ,he said if I went and I missed offered appointments then I would lose my place on the list.With that I was practically thrown out .

Fortunately his nurse came out with me and said come to reception and we can make your appointment for the dye scan and I will mark that date on the paperwork for your injections ,you really should see a consultant to discuss the dye scan on the same day ,so you may possible;y get them done on the same day.

My vision does not seem any worse than it was ,a dark round/heart shaped thing when I close then open my Left eye, which then fades off to a very light grey, wiggle lines instead of straight ones, but I can read to the third line from the bottom of chart through pinhole. 20/24 vision with 20/12 through pinhole.

I am going on holiday on the 21st ,if I cancel then the pay out will be about £1200 and my next holiday insurance will be unaffordable. I am after all 76 years old and just want a nice quiet relaxing ending.

Lovely reading all the posts on here ,what a super bunch of people you all are.

Big hugs to you all.


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Good morning, silkysoft. Sorry you have been treated so shabbily by the staff at your clinic. We all know how busy they are, but It does not cost anything to be be civil, just a minute or two of their time. However, I was told by a private consultant, who also works at the eye clinic, and who took himself lots of time with me, that it can get a bit tedious having to go through the same explanations over and over again. I suppose they have got a point.

As for your medication - I cannot speak from experience as I do not take anything but I know of some people who stop taking blood-thinners the day before the injection, otherwise you may end up with a bloodshot eye, especially if they hit a blood vessel. And as for flying - I really don't know. I can carry on as normal the day after, but my condition may be different from yours.

Since there are only a few days left before your holiday, perhaps it may be best to have your angiogram and treatment when you get back from holiday. Although normally I am a great believer in getting treatment as soon as possible, but under the circumstances it may be better to wait. I think that if you had a serious bleed or leakage your consultant would have seen that on the scan.

All the best

silkysoft in reply to Hidden

Thanks Ayayay, Thank you for such a nice sensible support , It really does make a different to have so much input, I don`t feel asmif I am battling on by myself with all this trauma . My hubby is all for doing whatever consultants say ,even when they are rude and offhand

I have told him it is people like him that give some of the consultants their high and mighty off handed attitudes , I am sure if my husband was told that showing his derriere in Mark and sparks window would cure whatever he had ,he would do . After a long chat about all this stuff he is now A O K with *our * decision to go and deal with whatever when we come back. Thanks again for your support. :-)

HI silky soft, sorry to hear that you were treated very offhandedly at the eye clinic. Various people give different opinions on flying after injection but I have flown many times after injections with no problem. If you get an appointment for when you are away you can always phone and say you cannot make it and can they give you another date. Go on holiday and enjoy yourself, do not cancel and lose money.

Best wishes.

Hi eyeproblems, such sensibly advice and believe me I will do ,thanks for your support *soft smile *

The remark that you lose your place if you go on holiday is rubbish! The NHS acknowledges holidays. You just register the dates with the ophthalmic team or booking clerk, and alternative clinic appointments are organised. Don't be bullied! I've had this trouble, but it was a one off, and not an eye clinic. Being told you'll be put to the "bottom of the waiting list", because you're on holiday and can't keep an appointment is not so!! All the very best.

silkysoft in reply to fed13

HI fed 13, They phoned today and gave me the 8th October for the scan ,I come back on the 5th ,the consultants nurse ,who I chatted to about my confusion what to about my holiday while I was signing agreements forms and who gave me the pamphlets ,had arranged that date for me and also put me on the waiting list for the injection to be done after the scan . They also said if I phone next week I may get the date for the injection They also gave me a date to be seen in Mr Sid Coel clinic on the 18th October so they have actually changed my consultant to a MR instead of a Dr. I personally do not give a fig if he is a MR or a Dr .a.I did most politely express my feeling about the attitude of the Dr to the nurse * I called it a clash of personalities * the nurses advice at the time was go on your holiday , Goodness me I do feel both relieved and wacked out today. My Mother always said the crying baby gets the most milk * wink wink*

Thanks for your post hugs

Hidden in reply to fed13

I agree with you. My consultant even asked me if I was going away on holiday during October so that my next injection appointment could be scheduled around it, and that was without prompting him. So they do acknowledge booked holidays.

Hello Silkysoft, I hope you have a lovely peaceful holiday, not easy I know, when you are probably thinking about your eyes all the time.

It really angered me reading your comments about the consultant. Did you forget to curtsy to him!! Why oh why, are we treated differently when not at their private clinics?

Please let us know how it goes for you when you get back.

Sorry Silkysoft, just re-read your post and realised that you have already been on your holiday. My goodness, I know my memory is not what it used to be but, I only read that a few minutes ago!!!

silkysoft in reply to Bobbie915

HI Bobbie , Your last remark brought a smile to my face , don`t worry your memory is fine.¬¬ I have been for a weeks holiday with my Daughter and Granddaughter and my Great Granddaughter ,all girls together and now going on a two weeks holiday on the 21st September in Tenerife ..... all been booked before my Great Granddaughter was even born . It`s my hubby`s birthday on the 23rd September and he is so looking forward to spending it in Tenerife . He doesn`t know but 8 of our friends are surprising him there . My problems were discovered by chance on the 24th August , due to the clinic cancelling two prior appointment in June and July .

Thanks for cheering me up sorry for the confusion * hugs *


I take Apixaban- also a NOAC- and have been told to continue- never had any bleeding except small red area as we all get sometimes. You shouldn't run any risks through not being anti-coagulated . Guidance at Moorfields is to continue.

regarding flying- it's more the case that you need to have access to an eye anti for a few days in case there are any complications- particularly infection which needs to be dealt with swiftly.

Also, I suspect he must know if you have wet AMD- hard for them to get authorisation for funding of injections if unsure.

silkysoft in reply to rosyG

Thanks for your reply Rosy ...this consultant says he doesn`t care if I have the injection first and the scan second ,as he has no control on the appointments . He assures me if I have the injection appointment first to get it done and if the scan shows afterwards it is not Wet AMD then the injection will do no harm. The injection pamphlet the nurse gave me states your consultant will give drops to use for three days before the injection for protection against infection and for three days afterwards ,when I asked the nurse about them she says Oh he never bothers with that *

I am flabbergasted by all this ,when I had my new IOL replacement lenses done ,the surgeon who did the Left eye did not give me the plastic shield which was mention in their pamphlet ,when I asked the nurse ,different nurse different hospital ,she said OH he doesn't bother about shields .the one who did the right eye dressed it afterwards with a shield and dressing , Guess which eye I have Wet AMD in ?? my Left one and all of the consultants insist it is not the cataract op even though I had healthy Macular the day of my ops.

I think there is not enough adhesion to NICE care and excellent policies.

We are all supposed to be cap in hand for our NHS treatment . I can be found guilty for reminding some staff including Consultants just who is paying their salaries , I would hate to add up how much over the years it has cost us all OOpps just fell of my soap box . * big smile*

Cheers to all you super people who are there for everyone every day.

Hugs and xxx`s


eyesright in reply to silkysoft

Hi silkysoft. There is so much difference between clinics in the nhs, I wonder how they all " comply" with nice and ophthalmic guidelines! Miy pamphlet says only that antibiotic drops are given immediately after the inj. We get none 3 days before or after though ive read here some do. Same with the post inj eye guard - my clinic don't use them except for cataract surgery but if they hit a blood vessel and eye looks like it might scare other people then they do put a dressing over it ha ha.

Funnily enough I just had preop for cataract and my consultant told me if I declined a date I would go to the back of the queue. Well I have just declined one due to unchangeable plans and they were quite happy to reschedule (it was a last minute cancellation date they offered me so that might have made a difference but I think fed3 is right, there has to be flexibility in the system).

I am with you on standing up for oneself and reminding those who need it that we have paid our taxes to fund the nhs and their salaries - courtesy and professional duty of care and candour are the minimum we should expect (& the annual training I receive as an nhs worker tells me that!). it may seem like a conveyor belt to drs but we are individuals with our own personal needs and if they treat us as such then it wont be such a monotonous day for them. I always try to get my Dr to laugh about sonething!

Thanks for the image of hubbys derriere in the window of M&S - made me smile x

PS do not delay an injection as your sight might worsen- best to push for date before hols!

KKHi again

please note I meant to say do not delay if injection is needed

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