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Had another injection on Wednesday & told I will have another at my next appointment in 3 months, all being well, then maybe no injection for an assessment period. So I was really pleased at the news even though I did have to have another injection.

It was a lot more painful this time perhaps due to being such a warm day. I think it is a very small price to pay considering the alternative. I feel very lucky that the whole team from Consultant, Doctors, Nurses & the lady on the appointment desk cannot be faulted. I have a lot to thank them for even if I am still moaning about my eye still hurting, I am such a coward Lol!

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  • Ps to my last post.

    Meant to tell all those who read my post about Areds2 that I asked one of the Doctors about the different Areds2 & what their opinions were.

    She said the Consultant always recommended Macushield Gold that this was the one that he trusted. So as Mr Patel is my 'Hero' as soon as i have finished the Viteyes I will go back on Macushield Gold.

    Hope this helps anyone who is still wondering.

  • Hi Cormorin, glad to hear your good news. It's worth putting up with the injections when something positive comes from it. I've never had any,as I have dry amd.

    I wish you continued success, and send you my very best wishes. That's great news. Take care 😊

  • Hallo I had my first injection yesterday and found it very painful, and had quite a bad reaction, I'm new to this and it's very scarey x

  • So sorry to hear you had a bad experience first time. I remember many years ago now my first injection was very scary as I did not know what to expect.

    I was lucky in that Mr Patel our Consultant did my first couple & is so good he gives a lot of confidence. It may help if you ring Macular Society for advice. They got me a wonderful lady Counsellor who rang me once a week for several weeks to talk through all my worries & fears. They also gave me an 'Injection Buddy' to talk me through worries over injections.

    Without the team at my Clinic & Mac Soc I could not have coped. So try talking to Mac Soc & see what they can do to help.

    All of us on here will listen & try to back you up so stay in touch as again without everyone on here to share with I would be lost. It really helps as we are all 'in the same boat' my Nan would have said.

    Take care. big hugs to you. 😊

  • hugs back and thanks yeh we are all in the same scarey boat. I've also got that Charles Bonnet Syndrome hallucinations the private doctor who I saw for second opinion at the London Eye hospital in Harley Street told me that will get less once the injections kick in.

  • Poor you, thankfully i've not had hallucinations tho heard about them. Most i've had was seeing spiders where there were none & i hate the creepy things. Stopped after a few injections thankfully.

    We are told we all get different reactions no one sees exactly the same things but similar enough that we have a good idea of what each other is going through.

    Take care, scream, shout & cry too if it helps. Keep in touch we are all here for each other 😊

  • HI Cormorin, loving this site, everyone so friendly and we are in same boat. You have great news, long may it continue, let us know how it goes xx

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