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3rd Loading Injection

On Monday just gone, I had my third loading injection. Very pleased with everything. The vision in my left eye has improved, albeit slightly. After the injection there was only one floater and NO blurred vision. There was very little discomfort, only a slight pain which slowly went into a dull ache. Nothing that a couple of Paracetamol couldn't get rid of.

From reading other people's accounts, I have been very lucky with the after effects of the injections.

Now eight weeks until the next injection. Thank you, NHS and Watford General staff in particular.

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Hallo malp1947. That sounds promising. It is always good to hear positive news amongst the sad and disconcerting aspects. Although we all have our little and massive moans from time to time, it brings things into perspective. Hope everything will keep on going well for you.

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that's good to hear= what are you having and what for?


Great to hear. Best of luck going forward x


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