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Scar on retina


Hi everyone I'm new here and I was diagnosed with a scar on my retina 4 years ago but the specialist don't seem to know what caused it, my optician thinks it was caused my a laser pen as I have a mark on my iris and he said that he can follow it through right to the retina. Does anyone else have unexplained symptoms? Does anyone know if this could lead to AMD?

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Hi Purrpot25,

Difficult to say what the cause of your retinal scar may be. I should think if it was a laser pen as your optician suspects, then this would not lead to AMD.

Do you have any problems with your vision?

If you would like to have a chat the please call the Macular society on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Best wishes


Macular Society

purrpot25 in reply to Macular_1

Thank you for your response, I have a grey spot in the centre of my vision which on my last visit to the options had got bigger slightly. Again he says that he's not worried but I have been referred back to the hospital.

Macular_1 in reply to purrpot25

Hi again purrpot25,

Can you actually see this 'grey spot' and would you be able to tell if it got bigger yourself?

There is a tool called an 'amsler grid' which can help in monitoring your sight. It is like a piece of graph paper with a dot in the middle and you can monitor yours eyes on a weekly basis. If you notice a change then you can take the appropriate action, either get your optician to check you or go to a hospital eye unit casualty department.

If you would like an amsler grid, either call the Macular Society helpline on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm) or email the helpline with a request and your address;

Best wishes


Macular Society

Hidden in reply to purrpot25

My first reaction would be to ask for a second opinion. I don't want to alarm you but an increasingly large central grey spot needs to identified quickly.

Thank you again for your quick reply, yes I get see the grey spot and I can tell that it's worse because it's noticeable again and now I can't stop checking it every 5mins.

Hi purrpot25

I understand how you feel. Our sight is so important and it is scary when it is threatened. Have you been referred to the eye hospital?

The grey spot could be caused by a number of reasons and seeing a specialist will confirm the condition and hopefully give you reassurance. Also once you are in "the system" you will be seen very quickly if there is any deterioration. Don't ever be afraid of phoning for an emergency appointment if you feel your vision has changed.

I too check my eye constantly, it is difficult not to. I'm sure people must think I keep winking at them. The trick is to check regularly without overdoing it. I haven't mastered it yet but I'm getting there.

Good luck.

Never rely on what an optician "thinks". I had a retinal hemmorage which caused a spot in my vision (not central) for about 6 weeks. I ran to the retinal specialist after 4 days of seeing the spot and I ended up getting injections because they suspected CNV as I am very nearsighted. My friend also experienced a dark spot in her central vision and it was eventually diagnosed as uveitis. As you can imagine, there are many possibilities but please seek a thorough exam to get a more solid diagnosis. It is your vision, get as much information as you can and don't stop. We need to be proactive with our health especially with the complexity of vision issues. Good luck.

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