How about that for a laugh?

Just to cheer you up! It seems that some of the staff at our hospital don't know the right eye from the left. So even they cannot see properly! When my angiogram was done five weeks ago they concentrated mainly on the wrong eye and even when I queried it they refused to acknowledge their mistake. When today I asked the consultant - a very, very nice man - at my review he apoligised and admitted that the staff had made an error. Luckily he had enough data of the relevant eye - so no harm done.

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  • OMG. Lucky for you he had data but that's a mistake that should never have happened.

    I did once confuse my consultant who said "left eye?" To which I unthinkingky replied "right" meaning "correct" and she checked the right eye, looked at my notes, chuckled to herself then put a black dot over my left eye! Neither of us said anything but we both smiled.

    On a serious note, the technicians should have double checked if the patient is adamant, regardless what the file said. Glad you suffered no harm from their stubbornness x

  • Hi eyesright

    That day, five weeks ago, was one of those days one rather forgets. My appointment was for 10am. After waiting 30 minutes to be called I asked at the desk if they were running late and if I was waiting in the right place. No not late; yes in right place. They call you when they are ready for you, they said. 11am and I was still waiting. I went to the desk again. Just be patient, they said. People were coming and going all the time. By 11.30 I really got stressed out. I knew something was wrong. So I went to the desk a third time and insisted they find out what's going on. I was finally called in, but not before they had sent someone to fetch my case notes. The nurse told me she didn't know I had arrived, which is rubbish because we have to book ourself in on the computer. She would not admit it at first that she had overlooked me, but I got her to admit it in the end. I can be stubborn too. She was very apologetic and they are really very nice all in all. And then some of the fluorosein went over my trouses instead into my veins and finally the wrong eye. Three and a half hours after my supposed appointment time, having spent so much nervous energy, I walked out of the hospital, feeling totally exhausted. After that experience I did wonder if I could trust them with my eyes. but I suppose mistakes do happen.

  • You've had your quota, plain sailing from now lol x

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