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Hi all had my 4th lucentis last month today had my second scan

no change yet 5th injection next week was told will probably need quite a few more yet and not a great deal of difference in the two types of injections and when it does go back to dry a.m.d. Then instead of every month they start getting spaced out over longer periods so I think it's lifelong until someone finds an actual cure you just have to learn to live with it,it's a bit of a bind but what's the alternative " BLIND " Al.Gee.

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Thank goodness for the NHS. I recently discovered someone I know had to pay for their inj years ago as it was before we got them on the NHS.

Good luck Algee x

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I had my first Eylea injection yesterday so scary! Hope it's going to help me I am st first stages of wet amd. I'm going to post my story on this blog x


Dear Algee,

The function of the injections is to suppress the abnormal blood vessels developing behind the eye which are leaking blood or fluid; stabilize the eye; maintain vision and prevent further damage. Usually, an initial loading dose of 3 injections is given, once a month for 3 months, then the eye is reviewed. If further injections are then required, then how far apart these are administered is then determined by which of the 3 Lucentis treatment regimens that an individual is placed on. If further injections are required, then it is advisable to check which of the 3 treatment regimens that you are placed on, as then you will know when to expect your injection appointments. You will then also know when to chase the eye clinic if it looks like there may be any delay in your appointments.

Sometimes the eye may become stable for a period of time. If this occurs then no injections are administered as there is no function for them. However, it is important that the eye continues to be monitored at the eye clinic. If this situation occurs, then it is important to be aware that the eye may cease to be stable again due to the development of further abnormal blood vessels and further injections may be needed again. So it is important to react fast with any sudden eye changes and contact the eye clinic immediately.

Even in the worst case scenario, an individual does not go blind with the macular condition, they still retain their peripheral vision. The injections are generally very effective in holding the eye.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help. The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Kind regards,


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