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RVO and 7 Months On


We've been pretty quiet for a while but we do keep up with Posts on the Forum. We are now 7 months on from the first of 3 Eylea Injections and what's happening now?

We have appointments at the Eye Clinic monthly and have seen 4 different Consultants. We are in a routine with the first Appointment slot of the day and that works well for us, less waiting around and staff are fresh for a new day. We have seen the same Consultant for 3 appointments and so feel there is some continuity.

Mr Smilers vision is less clear in the morning and that clears within a couple of hours leaving a small amount of distortion. Vision has returned from pretty much nil to 80% in the affected left eye from the RVO. The first injection worked really well and 2 subsequent ones have maybe kept progress steady. There has been just the one huge floater and 2 cysts which all cleared along the way. At this weeks appointment sight was still at 80% and there was a new cyst with a small amount of fluid buildup. Mr Smiler is therefore on notice for a 4th Eylea Injection in 3 weeks time, having been told by the Consultant that the latest thinking for his condition is 4 not 3 injections.

We pass on our support to everyone on the Forum currently undergoing treatment and remain positive that sight is such a precious thing if some can be restored.

Bye now from The Smilers

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Hi smilers, lovely to hear from you ! So glad things have been going so well for you and that you have settled into a nice routine, it does help to have continuity doesnt it.

What causes the cysts do you know? Did you have to have treatment for them?

Best wishes for you going forward, xx

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Hello Eyesright, thank you for your reply. No comment was made by the hospital re the cyst. The original two occurred after the huge bubble post Injection and we assumed that had been the cause. They dissipated on there own over the month. During this month Mr Smiler has had some discomfort in his eye on and off and the Consultant said that would be the cyst. The discomfort has disappeared again this morning and so maybe a question at the next appointment.

Kind Regards

The Smilers

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