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43 rd injection and now trying Eylea


Hi all I had my first Eylea injection in my right eye today ( they have given up on my left eye) after trying avastin then Lucentis as I have bilateral diabetic macular odema and also today was registered partially sighted ( now called Sight impaired ) anyone else had Eylea after trying other Veg F s that did not work ? Apparently it is a thicker solution than avastin and lucentis

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Hi Tallyho, I have macular degeneration in both eyes. The right eye was quite badly scarred before it was diagnosed but has remained pretty stable - only needing two courses of three Lucentius injections since 2012 but since my left eye started showing symptoms in May 2013 I had rarely had a visit where I didn't need an injection. In May of last year they decided to try Eylea and what a difference it has made. I had the initial course of three injections and have not needed any since the last one in July. They decided not to follow the normal protocol for Eylea (I believe this is an injection every eight weeks) so I had three injections five weeks apart followed by five-weekly appointments to check on it. This has been amazing for me and I hope it has the same outcome for you. Good luck.

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Hi Tallyho,

Eylea is a slightly different molecular structure than Lucentis. Some patients do react very well to it. It is quite common now for ophthalmologists to switch patients who have had a lot of Lucentis injections, as you have, over to Eylea.

It will be interesting to see how you get on, and to hear about the experiences of others.

Best wishes


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Hi there, I have had avastin, then lucentis and 2 months ago they started me on Eyelea. I feel worried about it and I don't think it is making any difference to my sight. I have wet amd and it is the 'aggressive' sort and I am in the situation where my husband and I would like to move to Spain (for reasons of arthritis) but can't afford to pay for the injections over there. If it is not going to make a difference, I would rather forget it.It is so life-limiting. I would not worry if I thought it was working. It is just my left eye at the moment, they managed to stabilise my right. Hey good luck and I do hope it works for you. M.

Hi tallyho, just wanted to wish you well x

please let us know how you get on, thanks

Yes I have ...no difference for me.

I started with the Avastin but my hemoragdges kept happening so the started me on the Eyelea. So far it has made no difference as I had another 2 while on the stronger medicine. I have an agressive form of the desiese. My left eye is pretty well gone, so as you know you really try and keep the vision in the other eye. My vision however in my good eye keeps getting worse. I had seen a low vision specialist about a year ago and she said she could not make them better as it just made my warps clearer and so I actually saw worse. I am seeing a new low vision specialist on Friday. So I am hoping he will say something has come along to help me. I understand what you mean about if the more expencive one does not help then why not just get the cheaper one.

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