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Dome-shaped macular

I started noticing a problem with my left eye in April in that everything I saw in the centre seemed to be like looking through a goldfish bowl. I have worn glasses since the age of 3 and have always been short-sighted. My last test showed the left eye was -12 and right eye -12.75. I saw the ophthalmologist at my local hospital and after taking lots of photos said I had CSR (Central Serous Retinopathy) and that he would monitor the fluid sitting at the back of my eye in the retina to see if it would reduce. After 5 months the fluid had only reduced slightly and because I have had this condition for so long they referred me to a specialist. After googling it CSR is more common in men, aged between 35 and 60, taking steroids and in highly pressurised jobs? I am not a man but I tick all the boxes for the others. Anyway after having my pupils dilated again and 2 lots of dye put in my veins and lots more picture taking the specialist says that I have Dome-shaped macula and there are only two cases where PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) has worked. He also says this may be something I have to live with and that my central vision may deteriorate. He says he could go in with a fine needle to get rid of the fluid but it is likely to just re-occur He says he needs to do more research and I'll be seeing him in 3 months. Does anyone have what I have and is there treatment for it? I was totally shocked by what he told me thinking it was CSR but it's not :-(

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Dear Louboo, my advice is to contact the Macular Society. They are brilliant and Im sure will be able to give you more info. Just google their website (they may reply direct to you here too).

What a worrying time for you, sending you a hug and best wishes x

Once you know what is going on if you need support or just want to share to help others, come back here, we all have different conditions but many of the same emotions and experiences and support each other. I am 9 months into my journey and this forum has been invaluable.


Hi Loubou,

I am in a similar situation to you, very shortsighted left - 18.75, right - 23.5, had cataract surgery good sight for about two years, already had a diagnosis of myopic macular degeneration before this. Then my sight changed colours faded , wiggly lines got worse, so had a retinal angiogram which picked up the dome shaped retina in my left eye, that was six months ago, been seeing ophthalmologist every eight weeks, more scans, no change, but my consultant now wants to treat it like Wet AMD with injections, so going back in four months which is when I think he will start this. According to him, this is a rare condition, which they are not happy to leave untreated if at all possible, much as I hate needles, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going have to face this at some point. I hope this helps, I try not to think about it. I shall worry about it when they take my driving license away.


Hi BlinkBlues,

I wonder how you are getting on. I was treated with laser (PDT) off centre as it carries a lower risk. The fluid did disperse but has since returned. My consultant also wanted me to have injections as he noticed a blood spot on my OCT but these had no effect. I have tried Spironalactone and that also had no affect. He has now put me on a course of Epleronone 50mg until I see him next in September but I am getting increasinly frustrated as my vision is not what it used to be. Have you had any luck?


Did either of the medications help? I have had 3 injections of Lucentis and 1 Avatin but none has helped the CSR or my vision so the injections are being discontinued. The second retina specialist now agrees with my first one that no treatment will help the dome shaped macula with the CSR.


I don't believe the aplerenone is helping as I still have distortion. The only thing that did help for a time was PDT but that was done off centre. The only option I have left now is PDT on centre but carries a higher risk of vision loss. I have asked whether this condition is stress related but haven't been given a yes or no answer.


hi haven't posted for a while, I have been short sighted from birth (47 now) have dome shaped macular and myopic macular degeneration and had cataract surgery. I am taking spironolactone to reduce the fluid build up behind the retina, and see the consultant next month for the first results, fingers crossed. I was facing injections but current thinking is that these do not help this condition.


Hi LouBou,

Any inprovement on the fluid? I had CSR, and DSM was diagnosed along the way. However, specialist reckoned DSM waas unrelated, and indeed CSR resolved after about 6 months later.



I am 57 and have experienced chronic csr in my left eye for several years but vision is still 20/50 in the affected eye. I have DSM in both eyes.I had one episode of CNV in right eye which resolved with one injection leaving only a small scar. I have myopic degeneration bilaterally. My vision is worsening. I am now seeing a different retina specialist who thinks the CSR may actually be CNV. One injection of Avastin did not help. This week I received an injection of Lucentis. Hoping for improvement in my left eye. It has distortion and dimness. I have some difficulty with depth perception and things appearing smaller than they are. My computer work is becoming more difficult. Has anyone received disability with DSM? I am hoping that since it is rare something will help. I would be happy to participate in a clinical trial if anyone knows of one for me since it would appear to be genetic and my children are myopic. My older brother is legally blind now. He had retinal detachments in both eyes due to myopic degeneration.

Thanks for any replies and for the previous posts.


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