Hi. In April 2008 i had an extensive retinal haemorrhage In right eye which has left scarring. I was diagnosed with chronic central serous retinopathy in left eye and was given funding for photodynamic therapy. Unfortunately few years later I was told I had wet macular degeneration. I had to leave my job and daily life is a struggle. Anyone else out there like me ?

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  • Hi Eyes,

    I am so sorry to hear about your macular problems.

    Could I ask how old you are?

    We do have some support groups for younger working age people ('W@M' groups we call them).

    We also have a factsheet aimed at people of working age which you may find helpful.

    If you would like to locate your nearest W@M group and get a copy of our factsheet, please call our helpline 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Hi. I'm 51 now. Problem s started 8 years ago. Thanks for advice

  • Hi there. I was the opposite to you I was told I had Wet AMD in 2013 but then further ICG dye test showed in 2014 showed I had Chronic Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR). I was having Avastin injections when they thought i had wet AMD but then had photodynamic laser treatment. So far this has been effective but a new bleed in Feb this year was treated with focal laser treatment but has only been 90% effective - back for another review in few weeks. I have not met anyone else with Chronic CSR and am aware that not too many females (like me get it)

    Are you aware of any research been taken for Chronic CSR?

  • hi. do you have problems in both eyes and how old are you. im 51 now and no longer work due to my eye cinditions. i was told chronic csr is uncommon in womenand can be related to a stressful lifestyle. ive had 7 photodynamic treatments, i was told lucentis wouldnt work for me.


  • hi Mandy

    No I only have it in my left eye. Hopefully it will stay that way. That is alot of PDT treatment. Are you advised not to go outside during daylight for few days after the treatment? i may have to have a second treatment if my bleed form Feb is not improving? Did you have problems with your eyes before 2008? I am lucky not to have any other eye problems.

    Do you know anyone else with Chronic CSR? I have not met anyone yet and I am not aware of any research - would be interested to know if you are aware of any research taking place. Maybe Chronic CSR is so rare that there is not enough patients to do research with. What do you think?

  • Hi. No direct daylight fir couple od days after treatment. Info on Google bout chronic csr. Not sure I can have more treatments as each one causes scarring. How's the colour in your bad eye mine has almost gone in my left. Are u really shortsighted too?

  • Hi Mandy

    No i am very lucky with good health and i have good vision - it is about -1.5 in both. I only wear glasses driving, TV, cinema etc. This is good to know about the scarring as I am in the early stages of treatment etc. Not sure why I have it as i don't meet the criteria eg Type A personality, use steriods etc. and I am being told - Just one of those things!!! Were you advised on any specific Vitiams for it?

  • My vision is -10 and -7.5. Not given any advise really. I can't read books etc I've got aids from RNIB but I get headaches soon as I start to concentrate. I've also got a bus pass as I can't drive any more.

  • Hi 180164,

    So sorry to hear life is such a struggle, just wanted to send you a hug x

    I have a different condition to yours so cant help there, but the emotional impact and practical probs are common to us all here. You are not alone, this is a great group for support if you want it . Best wishes x

  • Thank you for that. I often feel people think there is nothing wrong with me snd I'm faking it.

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