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AMD or NOT??

Hi I am not sure if coming on this site is correct..My story is --That 10 months ago I was diagnosed with a CRVO.that is in laymans terms an Eye Stroke for those who have never heard of this condition..I currently use a Forum for people who suffer from this..The reason I find myself on your Forum is to try & establish if I might be suffering a form of AMD..( At this stage not confirmed) My visit to the Manchester Eye Hospital yesterday.outpatient.dept where they evaluate my CRVO.Threw up a bit of worrying news for me..It was discovered on my Scan that I had fatty deposits on my Macula also fragile vessels where detected.although only minimal leakage was discovered. I appear to have healed well from the original eye eyesight as improved well.although I have bad distorted lines,larger than normal objects.problems with reading even with magnification..& my depth perception is affected making me very clumsy..Now you are proberly going to wonder why I didn't ask about this at my be honest it seemed all a bit confusing at the time.once home & looking up this info on the internet..I read about these fatty deposits(Drusen) & could find no relation to them & my CRVO..but these seemed more likely to occur with AMD..your Help would be appreciated...Yours Eve.

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I am not really qualified to answer your questions, and am sorry to hear about your problems. I have dry and wet AMD and can only suggest that, as dry AMD is so common as we start to age, that they have probably seen signs of that. I feel fairly confident that they would have told you about possible treatment if they had found wet MD, but it is important to ask about this next time you have an appointment. Please call the Macular Society for more expert advice if you want to, and I wish you all the best.


Hello Shi-tzu,

Drusen are yellowish fatty deposits which occur as one gets older. They can be the start of dry macular degeneration (MD), but not always.

In your case since you have mentioned 'fragile blood vesels detected with minimal leakage'; this could be early signs of wet MD, which can be treated.

I assume that you are going to be monitered by Manchester Eye Hospital?

I suggest that you contact the hospital again to confirm your diagnosis. As I said, if you have wet MD it can be treated, but you need to confirm what they have found.

See our information leaflet on 'Treatments' at the following link;

If you would like a chat on the phone about this, please call the Macular Society Helpline, 0300 30 30 111.

Best wishes


Macular Society


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