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I need some help

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I am a newbie here so can someone actually help tell me what this group is all about and I can get more confidence sharing my health condition. I don't want to post in the wrong group . Is this for everything on cancer or just lymphoma

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Hi hardy2k18,

The group you posted to is for Lymphoma patients & caregivers, and intended primarily for those in Canada. (I am a USA CLL patient- CLL is a Lymphoma and I am a member of the CLLPAG- cllpag.ca/ a Canadian group, so I see postings for this group along with several others).

Lymphoma, Non Hodgkin Lymphoma and CLL are all blood cancers.

First of all, before posting any more information about yourself. Please go to the three blue boxes at the bottom of your original posting. Click on the More V area to the right of the blue boxes, and choose EDIT from the scroll down. Then change the selection at the bottom


Who can see my post?


Everyone Only followers in my community


And choose the Only followers in my community, (so your posting and any replies will not be exposed to Google searches from outside).

Then click the blue box that says POST to save the change.



The group you chose is one of over 200 Health Unlocked communities, but is fairly small and not very active.

There is a slightly larger group of all international NHL patients here:


and a much larger international group for CLL patients here:


I hope that answers your question.


Hello, if using this chat site helps comfort you and eases your heart then it is the right place. I got so much help from people in a chat room I joined. Since all of us have a similar diagnosis we can understand what you are going through and can offer some advice. It helps to know you are not alone. Sending warm wishes.


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