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Non Hodgkin's lymphoma

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I was diagnosed with this in 2007 I consider myself a survivor as I sailed through the treatment I hope this gives inspiration to others who are suffering from this awful illness

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Great post Lilan. This will definitely be an inspiration to members of this community . Thank you for sharing.

Since then I have been diagnosed with epilepsy which is under control now thank God as it means I can still drive & in 2010 I developed necrotising fascititis commonly known as the flesh eating disease but I am still alive to tell the tale & still work part time. My grandchildren keep me young

I too was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma (large diffuse B cell). This was in early 2008. After going through 8 chemos, I too am a survivor. Extremely grateful to live in Canada where the treatment of this type of lymphoma is very effective but could be costly if we didn't have our healthcare program.

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My husband diagnose with no. Hodgkin lymphoma .He will be 2nd chemo tomorrow.He is stage 4 now.Any advice please. Jan

Tell him to drink lots of water. Avoid large crowds, take his temperature twice a day, just be patient. It will all soon be over. He will get through this :) Best to you both.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago and are still in remission today so hopefully they will have a cure soon

I was diagnosed with Large cell B non-Hodgkin Lymphoma last June. I did six cycles of five days in the hospital. I completed last part of . I just had a cat scan and was told it was clear except a spot in the chest. So they took a biopsy and determined its Sarcadosis. A disease of the lungs being inflammation. Not nearly as serious as Cancer! So I'm Cancer Free!!!

My advice would be to watch the digestive system closely. I had terrible bouts with constipation! Chemo and other meds really play into it! And stay hydrated! Water water water! And keep up a positive attitude!


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