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Help me about the lymph nodes

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Hye.. I am new to this site, just wanna ask, how big the lymph nodes that every people have, that we consider as normal. Because my case.. I have small lump swollen beside my lymph nodes, it is located at my right neck, no pain, no fever, no weight lost... Started noticed it there been around 3 months ago.. Is it a sign of cancer, can someone with much experienced tell me a little bit about your experience in this case. I have nodes also in my left neck at the same place as the right one, but the right one feels more like a swollen lymph.. And sometimes felt two lump there for example the red bean that muc more swollen at the tip of beans... Huu.. I just cant explain it here.. I hope someone can help me... Thank you...

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that is how my cancer started with very bad back pain . I would go to emergency or doctor and they can get a biopsy done on your nodes as this took 3 weeks for me to have done.[lab work time]

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Hye... Is your lump getting big.. I am curious about how yours...mine lump is small.. But it's look like two lump.. A normal lumps with swollen one more lump.. But at the same place.. I am sorry for the explanation I've gave.. But i don't know how to explain mine actually.. I am afraid right now.. Do you have Bettr explanation please.. About your case.. Thnk q

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chemo has done great for me Nodes can be bunched together as they are all over the body One of mine was 7 cm long but checked by doctor and no more swelling but 2 more chemos to go [I have had 6] swollen nodes are a sign of infection , not always cancer. Good luck and again see a doctor]

Please go and see your doctor. Only he/she ascertain what the lumps are and if you have cancer. Please do not waste any more time in getting this situation looked at.

Gonna see my doctor next week.. Because i have my appointment regarding other problem..thank for ur reply

Hi there, I also discovered a painless lump on the rt side first then left. It corresponded to an increased level of inflammation and white blood cell count in my blood work. I was diagnosed with first with chronic lymphocytic leukemia then changed to lymphoma. It could be caused by other things, as the person before me has suggested, however get your blood work done and discuss with physician as your question was the first question I had.

Hye dear... Is your lump looks and feel like a red bean... Small... Mine located beside my right nodes... And i am curious.. Is nodes can be found in a chain.. Because it's feel like that two is in a line... I can only found one nodes in my left side of neck...but the right one, It's looks like a two there...looks like it attached together... Huu... Its hard for me to explain... By the way.. Thanks for reply... Appreciate that...

Yes it could be lymphoma. I have the same lumps. Your white blood count will show as elevated then they can do another blood test to figure out if you have any kind of cancer lymphoma or a kind of chronic leukocytic leukemia. Both are slow and chronic and I was told that unless the lumps were bigger there would be no chemo. Best of course to get blood work done first. It could be something else. Take care and be well

Mine started in my groin! I now have them everywhere neck, under chin under armpit and back of stomach I’ve got appointment now in January to start chemotherapy

I’ve had lymphoma for just over a year now...

how are you doing? You said that you are starting Chemo this month. We are thinking about you and hope that you are ok

I’ve got hospital Wednesday to sign forms and get my start date feeling a bit anxious now xx

We will be thinking of you and sending best wishes and light

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