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went for rheumy on monday

hiya all hope you all feeling not to bad i had a appointment on tuesday i have 2 disc in back which is shot the nerves are rubbing against the bone cannot hardly walk because is the nerves to my legs rheumy wants to give me injetions into my back its called blocking i dont know about this also got osteoaritis in the hands keep droping things cannot lift anythink cannot even make a cuppa just in case i drop the kettle my daughter helps me alot she puts the tea in a flask i cannot undo the lid what a mess i am in also starting to get osteoarthritis in my feet it is starting on my toes and the arch of my feet so i am very sad today feeling sorry for myself thinking whats it all for lupus ah keep well everyone xxxxx

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Hi else5,

Sounds like you are having a hell of a time to put it mildly ! I would ask the Doctor to fully explain about the injections, it might be a nerve block to take away the pain. Sometimes they have leaflets they can give you that explain procedures. Another idea might be to ask to speak to the clinical nurse specialist if they have one. It might be an idea to speak to her about the difficulties with your hands, they can give you information about equipment that is available to make your life easier such as a stand for your kettle and things to help open jars. I hope you get the help you need to make your life easier.

I have days when i feel sorry for myself too , I also have lupus and osteoarthritis and it can be so painful especially my hand and feet. I try to do something nice for myself to cheer me up, last week it was getting a manicure and my nails done.Sometimes just being with good friends for a coffee or a meal can lift your mood.

Hope you feel better soon !



thank you very much for your reply lupus is a pig as a lot of people say on the site why me bless you hope you feel better soon too thank you again xx


I had these injections under X-ray for the same probls and they were a miracle - lasted November - march and pain then back a little but nowhere as bad. The injections were cortisone to take the inflation down and it took most of the other pain in my body away too!

Good luck x


Inflammation - I mean !?


thank you very much for your reply got to talk to my doctor about it all not keen on having any think done on my back very worried about it xx


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