Missed Christmas Day. Is it my Lupus?

I woke up fine started the day well dinner ready, guests arrive and then it happened. Cold sweats. terrible shakes, nausea, then running to loo. This all happened in the space of 15mins. Had to leave my guests at the dinner table and go to bed. Feel so bad that I managed to spoil everyones day . Was this due to my Lupus???? who knows... Just want it all to go away. Have been at Weight Watchers for 3 months and have lost 1stone. it has been hard work but I had started to feel a bit like my old self again. Then hear we go again. Heavy dragging legs are back and tired all the time. Anyone else out there had an episode like mine?

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Hi Mary

Sorry you had a terrible day. I had a similar experience, was fine throughout the day, went to family and on the way home felt awful. Headache, nausea and exhausted. Spent all day yesterday in bed cause i couldnt stay awake! I also have a terrible rash round my neck so looks like I'm having a flare too.

Maybe we both overdid it and the stress of the lead up to Christmas was too much for us. I have 2 young children.

Well done losing the weight. I am way overweight which doesnt help my joints.

Have lots of rest if you can and dont let Lupus beat you!

Julie x


It could be one of the bugs going round that triggered a flare as the body's immune response clicked in. I hope that this is only temporary for you.



There really are some nasty bugs around which fit the bill.

Is it lupus or is it exacerbated by lupus or does your squiffy immune system make you more likely to suffer from everything going around????

YES to all of the above.


Yes last night and today. I think stress dosnt help at all and then at christmas we are so conscious about coping. Dont beat yourself up over it. Put yourself first. Thats going to be my ny resolution for 2012



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