Dark legs

Hello - recently when to rhemey he pointed out my lower legs have a dark almost bruised to them . Not like bruises, just gray , I have had serversl cots , he says that could have stretched the skin, but wasn't very confident in his answer Is it the lupus? Sle ? Circulation?

Looks like they are dying ? Any suggestions on what it could be or to do ?

Amy Insight would be greatly appreciated


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  • You must also get checked for Hughes Syndrome, if can go with Lupus, I have both as does one of my children, having both and the other just one.

    Mary F x

  • Thank you for your quick reply. I do and have been diagnosed with Hugh's or sticky blood syndrome ! What can do be done to help fix this? I am on blood thinner and dipripthamol ( makes platlets not sticky . My feat is the commercials where the people are using prospect legs! Try ides to exercise to increase circulation and nearly ended up cripple. Doc says " yeah that's normal "

    Must be somethin I can do, is there a name for it.

    He told me, started with an A but was so put off I don't remember

    Any insight would be sincerely helpful


  • Generally, if u have crap circulation u're skin will appear 'bruised & grey'. I call it 'corned beef syndrome lol! Plus, if u have taken steroids 4 any length of time, this can thin the skin. I have exactly the same with my legs & suffer with SLE, APS (Hughes/Sticky blood), Raynauds, Vasc, Tang (amongst other lupoid cousins!). Wondering if the 'A' he referred 2 WAS Antiphospholipid Sydrome (basically, the proper medical term 4 Hughes, Sticky Blood)

  • Thanks didn't know that, no wasn't referring to Antiphos - he did say it was circulatstion, I would think exercise would help , but so much of the time I'm too sore too exercise. But thr "corned beef" made me chuckle !

    Thank you

  • How about trying a spa foot bath sorry don't know a lot about Hughes x

  • Can you tell me does your skin look thin and flaky as well as the bruising, my feet also gone very dry and crack so bad they bleed the toe nails seem to have died as well, when I mentioned it to the rhmy nurse she just said poor thing and its never been mentioned again. Sorry to ask but it has been worrying me for about a year now

  • That's exactly what it's like, same account no answers on what to do . Tried riding a stationary bike , figured no impact n lists of circulation, hurt like hec after seemed darker maybe a message? Once I go back I will be demanding answers !

  • The compression socks help, hard to wear in 90 degree weather. Maybe we can just tell everyone it's a tan ? I was told it was circulatstion , leg message helps for a little while

    David Tampa Florida


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