I have not been blogging for a while as I don't feel well.I now have small ulcers on the inside of my lip's on top of the paranoia and full body aches.I tried to get onto the steps of a small ladder that I have to try and put up a decoration,I just could not do it.there was just no strength in my knee's.sorry to moan but,I really will not blog again until I feel better.I hope this passes before Christmas.

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  • Hello

    Doesnt sound like a lot of laughs. On a practical note I find using sodium bicarb keeps the mouth ulcers at bay. The rest of it is out of our hands. Do what you and dont do what you cannot. There is no profit overspending your energies. ...and moan if you want to.

    Keep your chin up.

  • Thank you for your kind blog.Last time I used the sodium bicarb it was for a high protein content in my urine which the Doctor's continually(over a period of three month's)gave me anti-biotics)I thought I felt better but,within less than a week after finishing the anti-biotics I was ill again.I was away at my friend's and when I felt so ill again(not close to a Doctor in her area)I called a friend who had been a professor,he advised trying bicarb.I am afraid to say,I ended up in hospital and this is when i realised (having had kidney stone's after continually asking the Doctor 'Why doe's this urine problem keep coming back',I Ithen found out that this high protein urine diagnosis happen's quite a lot with Lupus sufferers.I still have not found the answer,when I asked the Urologist at the hospital if Lupus could be related,he really could not tell me and suggested i should talk to my reumatologist,by that time the stone's had been removed and my reumatologist did not seem to be able to advise me either.I really do think Lupus is a tricky area for a lot of the Doctor's and we ourselves try to be aware but,at the end of the day we rely on the Doctor's.Sorry,just do not feel very positive at the moment and really do not want to pass this on so,again,thankyou for trying to help.

  • Hi Binkey,

    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. When you feel better you might want to have a look at a couple of articles I wrote about mouth ulcers. I wrote the pieces before being diagnosed with lupus and they are written for mouth ulcers in general and not specifically for lupus but I think the data is useful to share. I have found that a multi-B vitamin supplement helps me with mouth ulcers, your Rheumatologist has probably (or should have!!!) checked your B12 levels when you had routine blood tests done? Anyway here are the article links



    Really hope that you begin to feel better soon

    Ani x

  • Thank you for your kind reply I have an appointment with reumatology in February although,the way things are going,I will have to see my GP.I know that my bloods were done and as you say(should have been checked).I have made a note on this and other problem's I am having since being on Hydroxychloroquin

  • Hi

    Try liquorice for your ulcers, I fine it helps, also sensodyne toothpaste, I have tried other sensitive toothpastes but sensodyne helps the best.I hope your flare passes before Christmas. Bettie x :)

  • Thank you and everyone else who has tried to help me.It is definately a flare but,to try and bring my February appointment forward is not going to be easy.That means I will have to get an appointment with my GP to get an earlier referal.I am already stressed out by this so,we will see.

  • You don't have to stop blogging because you feel so unwell you need to offload! That's what this site is all about! Unfortunately I find this time of year terrible too so you're not the only one. Aches, ulcers, skin problems, balding hair and the list goes on. Don't be afraid to say how you're feeling darling, you are definitely not alone. Hope you feel well enough to enjoy your Christmas and your New Year brings better health. xx

  • I wish to thank everybody who has tried to help me.I know I am not the only one going through this but,it is very difficult to stay positive at the moment.

  • Hi

    I used Corsodyl gel for my mouth ulcers recently and found it was a great help. Hope you are feeling better soon. x x

  • Just to say a quick Thankyou for your advice.

  • I suffer a lot with mouth problems and sore gums as well I use the alo vera toothpaste gel and it is great waitrose is doing three tubes for two at the moment. Mouth problems do drag you down I am just off to the dentist as I have had gum problems for 4 weeks I dont have gum disease thank god so I think it is all related to my. I get painful ulcers on the roof of my mouth hey ho means I wont stuff myself over christmas so is one benifit. I hope you feel better soon x

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