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My body isn't mine well. I wish it wasn't. The pain and the fatigue is getting me down I take dihydrocodeine for the pain as I was put on it 27 years ago for severe back pain so when they found out I had lupus they have left me on them as I am addicted to them and they do help with the pain abit. I look forward to having my grandchildren yes I do get very tired but they give me a reason to get up. I have lots of grandchildren but only 3 live near enough to come round every week and wo of them are 3 and 4 so I can sit and play and the other is 13 and hes brilliant he does cups of coffee and he cleans up fot me so all I really wanted to say was if you have grandchildren you are very lucky and blessed. Thanks just needed to say how lucand blessed I am. Love all my grandchildren x

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You are so lucky lou1. I have only one child a son who has had really bad mental health issues and the consequences of that have been to make him isolate himself and be almost reclusive. He is 30 now and I would dearly love for him to have a family and feel the sense of belonging that only a family can give you but whilst he wants to isolate it's never going to happen. I love your PMA (positive mental attitude) and I think your grandchildren are lucky to have you. Keep as well as possible Lou and keep being as appreciative as you are, I do think these are the things that make life bearable when you are facing hardship.


I sorry about your son I know a little about mental health as I have a son in law who has mental health problems so I know they have their ups, downs and peculiar thoughtsso if you want to sound off I will be their for you. Thanks for your comment I am the luckiest person alive as my son has 6 children and his eldest she has a baby girl and as I said I have the three which I have round every week.. Take care and my thoughts are with you x


Thanks Lou1 I appreciate that. Keep well and enjoy every minute with your lovely grandchildren. xx


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