Adaptable, resourcefull and reslilent

I just wanted to express how much I get out of reading everyone's blogs.

It occurs to me how determined everyone is to be the best they can be despite the daily challenges of living with Lupus. I've found, not only a sense of connection, but a deep appreciation for people's spirit and character. I've chosen to encapsulate this in three words, adaptable, resourceful and reslitent.

Have a good day :-)

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I echo that, flutterby.


I agree with you 100% Flutterby!

It is very comforting to know that someone else knows exactly what you are going through and you don't have to try to explain it to someone who knows nothing about what you are suffering.

I particularly hate trying to explain to someone what it is like to have lupus because they have a text book idea of what it is and when you tell them what you go through they look at you as if you are making it all up!!

That is why I love this site so much. xxx


I love it! It totally fits!! x


So well said,,i'd be lost without this site,,it's amazing and i no it helps so many .:)


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