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Song - Funny Bones - posted this on TUK, thought members of the lupus site might also like to share!!!

for those of you who have been told “there’s nothing wrong with you because your labs are all normal…”

January 4th, 2011 · Funny Bones


(sung to the tune of ‘Home on the Range’)

Oh give me a jab,

send the tubes to the lab,

The results will come back then we’ll see,

The numbers will show,

All that we need to know,

Oh I so hope that they all will be


In The Normal Range,

Though my symptoms are not better yet,

My throat’s got a frog,

and my brain’s in a fog,

But my doctor just bought a Corvette.


Oh please let me be,

Where the labs all agree,

Oh yes, that is where I wish to dwell,

My doc says to stick,

with the arithmetic,

And don’t worry about whether I’m well.


In The Normal Range,

Not over, nor under a bit

Your numbers are fine,

so it’s all in your mind,

Even though you’re still feeling like shcrap.

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Haha love it. This song is perfect for me. Always negative results, apart from a slightly raised ana 18 months ago and again at christmas!! Xxx


Lol, definitely appropriate :) I have had this problem a few times... Barely worth them wasting the money on the tests x


I so identify with this


i can identify with that just had a load of blood tests done come back all normal but if you ask the nurse at the surgery she tells me that they are not she knows because she has lupus so why do doctors lie


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