Narky day :(

I dont know why but I am so narky today and I dont know why!!

I'm happy in myself, but it just feels like everyone I have come across today has taken an idiot pill, they want talking through the easiest of tasks, keep phoning me to run things past me even though they've done it on their own a thousand times. I have just got zero tollerance today!!!

Think I need to have a nap and see if I wake up in a better mood!!



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7 Replies

  • I have days where I seriously think the majority of people need 2 b culled & I am more than happy 2 do it lol! Sometimes our tolerance 4 others goes out the window ;0)

  • totally agree!!!!!

  • We all have them, my pet hate is when people with a cold grumble about 'having health problems'! Good grief, if I could swap, I would, cheerfully...

    Hope you feel bit better now x

  • I have had a few narky days lately! Am usually patient but seem to be tiring of idiots and less tolerant! Hope tomorrow is a better day! xx

  • Oh I often have narky days ... I get niggled and irritated but tiny things ... I tend to skype my husband and just swear at him .. I use every single rude bad dirty word I can think of, I usually star them out as I type and I use words like muppet .. moron .. and about 30 million other words I can think of ... its like I have a major case of tourettes .. I always feel better after ... he laughs as he knows its not at him just an ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH moment ! ..... try it .. even if you write them all down or stand in the kitchen shouting them .. it works wonders ............. :)

  • Glad some1 else mentioned the swearing lol! Sometimes when I'm pi**ed off 4 no apparent reason & can't work out why, I'll just stand in the middle of the kitchen, stretch as much as I can & let out a tirade of every swear word I know, (obviously not if the kids r around lol!). I always feel a little calmer afterwards strangely enough ;) x

  • Thanks everyone, think its just one of those weeks, I think I just get really irritated when people blow up little problems and turn them into massive dramas, just keep thinking: God I was I had your problems!!

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