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I /women in my opinion can handle pain better than men (that's why mother nature put us in charge of child birth) i also think women are stronger emotionally/mentally for all sorts of reasons.but i'm feeling a bit defeated today i can handle pain normally but 3 months (i know this is not as long as others and i should be grateful for that) 24/7 is draining me (co-codamol don't work) but it's not sleeping that is my true killer b'cos if i've had a proper sleep i can face anything .that's my secret plain old sleep keeps me lie is for a while now (not exactly sure how long but no longer than 3 weeks) i've been drinking at night (every night)just to knock myself out and even though it does put me to sleep it doesn't keep me there and i know you don't get a proper sleep with alcohol anyway but it did help pain a bit and initially put me to sleep.i know this is not the answer that's why i put this on here i had to admit to myself i could have a problem by telling someone(we all have our ways) got app today at smoking clinic(6 wks no fags) think i will tell her too x

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  • I know exactly how you feel. It is a difficult one. Yes the alcohol does relax you and knock you out for a certain amount of time but then you are back to square one and feel even worse for it. I would suggest that you get referred to a pain clinic if your GP can't control your pain. Unfortunately because we have so much to deal with I think quite a few of us have a glass of alcohol which turns into a lot more. Please don't be hard on yourself. I think your pain is the cause of it all and the fatigue is generally given a boost by alcohol so I can understand where you are coming from. However, you've stopped smoking for 6 weeks, WELL DONE!!!!

  • Well done for making the first step and admitting you have a problem. Please speak to your gp about your drinking and also about changing to some stronger medication!! Although it can be a long road to getting the right meds , as I know as still on that road! Maybe ask for some sleeping tablets too. I take amitriptyline alternate nights to help me sleep. I used to drink a lot but I now dont drink at all (or very rarely) as it makes my muscles spasm really badly. Please go and get some help, and we are all here to support you as best we can. Xxxxx

  • Firstly , well done for not smoking! I havent for a few weeks now and know how hard that can be!

    You should be proud of yourself for facing up to the fact that you may have a drinking problem.

    Talk to your doctor and there are also helplines for advice on this,get all the support you can to help you through .

    Take Care x

  • thank you all for comments have been to doctors and now going to try sleeping tablets,but not every night as don't want to rely on them either.i did feel a bit embarassed to put alcohol prob on here as nobody has mentioned it before (mind u havn't been on here long)but won't anymore and i wont be drinking tonight ty x

  • My doctor put me on amertrperline I think that the spelling to help me sleep. I had your problem but as soon as her put me these tablets they really help. Please go back to your GP.

  • I agree that not sleeping is a massive difficulty because it impacts on how able to cope you are with everythnig else. I have used alcohol to knock out the pain and to help with sleep and have at times worried about why and how much I drink, you are definately not alone. I hope the sleeping tablets help, and good for you for taking the steps you have. x

  • Firstly, well done on the smoking :0) I suffer terribly with bouts of insomnia & there have been times where I'd quite happily let some1 smack me round the head with a rolling pin just so I could finally have a kip lol! I'll also quite happily admit I have a drink about 4 nights a week 2 unwind & relax b4 bed (each 2 their own) but I certainly wouldn't say I feel I have a problem. If I was drinking a pint of Baileys a few times a day, I'd b worried lol! We all try different things & all have different coping mechanisms. Fingers crossed the pills help u get u're body in2 a decent sleeping routine :0)

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