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1st day back !

Well , had 2 lovely weeks off for half term and have been feeling pretty good then .........first day back and feel achy , bit stiff,love headache ! !!!!!

Still, on the positive side , i signed my new contract today ! I now do 19 hrs instead of 23.5 ! so have wednesdays off , so am very pleased about that,it should make a real difference ,having a break mid week ,

love to you all xx

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Happy new year and cutting your hours down should help you good luck.x


Hi Larissa, happy for you re your new hours. Fingers crossed that helps you a bit more. xx


Hope that it helps. I have Wednesdays as a day off and find it helps a lot, physically and psychologically; I alway figure I am at most only two days away from a rest! It took me a while to not overdo things at home on my day off, but now I really try to view it as a day for me. Am also feeling quite achey and knackered after going back to work, so am glad for my day off tomorrow! Hope you have a good one too! xx


Good idea 2 mess with u're hours, hopefully that'll help. Just keep that positive outlook up honey ;0)


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