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novo virus

hi got this sunday night before xmas. been in bedroom ever since

day after xxmas started monthlys, then last friday came down with

real bad chest infection. not getting better at all. and very weak

any one know how long this virus should last for as now its about 8 days.

i have not been diagnoised with the noro virus, i just think i have it,

happy new year everyone. xx

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Nicky - what you have doesn't sound like Norovirus at all, and I think you should probably see a doctor ASAP.


Hi Nicky, I am with Maggie on this one you need to see a doctor, norovirus is a horrible thing and sounds like being made weak from that you have now picked up a chest infection, take care and please see a doctor




Novo virus is very severe sickness and diahorrea it just sound like you have a chest infection


Nuro Virus causes severe projectile vomittng to start with,,with some people also Diahorea at the same time,,very messy and very ,,very contagious,,you should starve yourself for 24 hours and make sure you wash your hands after every cough as it is spread via air borne particles too.It can leave you feeling very ,,very weak for weeks afterwards.Nuro virus does not give you a bad chest.Hope you feel better soon and yep see the doc x


hi thnax everyone , still very weak, had noro confirmed and also the chest infection,

on monday going to get doctor out if i have not picked up at all, chest infection is a lot better, still have the cough though, i am being checked out for crohns or colitits,

wondering if the noro kicked of the colitis?

am getting tired of being sick i have lost weight though. coming up to 13 days now of being this ill.

have improved a little since i wrote the o/p. though so thats good news. :). hope this post makes sense xx.


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