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To wish everyone a healthier New Year

I haven't been on here much, except to read how u all are. Its good to know I am not alone.

Most of the year is a mystery to me and am afraid of what's next for me. What I do now realise their is a place I can visit without the fesr and panic of leaving my home, this I am trying to combat one step at a time. So although I wish none of u ill health I am selfishly glad u r here. However I do wish all a less painful year ahead. Thankyou all.x

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I think we are all afraid, regardless of how minor, mild or critical our symptoms are. This horrible illness is unpredictable and cruel and keeps us all on our toes all the time. I hope we all improve soon, I hope this year is the year a breakthrough in research is reached that will get everyone closer to a cure but above all I hope for courage for all of us to go through this.

All the very best for a new year, Happyfeet!


Hi Happyfeet, Like you I read more than I write on here. Often other people have already written what I was going to, so no need. I too feel a great comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in feeling pain, fear and frustration etc - all those things being part of living with this retched condition. Despite years of research, it seems lupus is as much a mystery as ever - and being reclusive is just one part of it. Best of luck with 'a step at a time' (baby steps will do just fine) ..and with everything else in 2013! xx :)


Thankyou so much, the words of kindness on this sight means a lot. Compared to some I feel weak for wanting it all to end, and to give my child and husband the rest and break they need. Gentle hugs to all, and thanks to all.x


Hi happyfeet

It is very understandable the way u feel, u just have to keep those baby steps going . Don't take on a lot of things (slow and steady, dnt even bother when its not steady) lol. I really wish u a healthier year.



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