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how was ur 24th, 25th and 26th

mine didnt start so well cos on the 24th i went to c my gp to show my vasculites infested fingers. i had alot of pain so i was feeling sore all over, i had to make some sauce for xmas day, so i felt xmas day will be all day in pain and in bed.

25th i woke and my mum made us pancakes and a white sauce ( delicious). miraculusly i had no joint pain besides my burining fingers but i managed it and enjoyed all the xmas meals.

26th not to bad too indulged in a lot of chocolates and some guiness(i confess).

All in all i had a good time, didnt have alot of stress. Thank God for it.

So guys tell me how urs was.

xxx hugs


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I decided that I was going to have a very chilled out day, my Son and Daughter in law and Grandson were staying home as my Grandson is just 15 Months old and Teens (dil) said she didn`t want to take him away from his toys so we saw him On Monday which was lovely, just me Hubby and Daughter for Christmas dinner so I was able to prepare in my own good time it was a wonderful 2 days and we all said how much we had enjoyed it, at 8am this morning peace was shattered by the water board and plumber arriving they are now digging up the drive and laying new pipes as long as it`s done properly this time they were suppsed to have done it last week repaired a leak in the drive and managed to leave us with no heating little water and broke my washing machine which took them 5 days to get repaired for me stress +++


I had not seen my Daughter who lives in Sydney (Aus) for Three long years and my son who works for charities all over the world. It was OUR first Christmas together for Three years and it is amazing just how listening to your 'kids' chatter and laugh and us all round the table together Laughing at all the daft things that happened when they were younger and things we had done and places we had been, that I did not notice the pain and on two occasions I even forgot to take my pills. The nights have been the same, a bit of sleep inbetween the pain and I am sure when they both leave on Friday, the pain in my Heart will over ride the pain in the rest of my body. But Oh, I can not begin to explain to anyone how I am feeling at this moment as I watch and listen to them getting breakfast ready. Only Mum's who have children at the other side of the world or in the Forces will know the JOY and LOVE. So all in all a Perfect Christmas and I will think of this to get me through the Bad Pain days... I wish you all Love and a pain free New Year and I will be watching the fireworks in Sydney on New Years eye, knowing my family is there and Laughing with their friends.

So may you have all have Good Health, Great Happiness and most of all LOVE.xxx


24th - quiet. My son was at his dads doing christmas with that side of his family - I had anticoag clinic, normal food shopping & taking the dog out to do at. MY . Pace!

25th - got up late, we mooched through opening presents, my folks came over ( hard n fast rule - you want to see child you come visit. Im not having him opening toys only to tell him "right we're off to x,y or z house.) I started feeling VERY sich about 12 & about 2pm I reasized it was cos all morning I drank energy drinks & ate no food = didnt take medication!! Once that was sorted the rest of the day passed uneventfully! I cooked a (huge ) venison steak for my sons christmas dinner in the evening. Dog wasnt walked but had plenty of play with new tuggy rope!!

26th - *sigh* christmas day 2... me, son, my sis, bro in law & their girls all at my parents. I love them dearly but i just cant cope with everyone talking over eachother & noise in all directions. After lunch I went home n took the dog for "a walk" in the rain. Found fellow dog walker whos dogs ran & played with mine while we sat on a bench drinking beer (he came prepared!!) One soggy, muddy, smelly = HAPPY DOG taken home, I returned to the gathered family to cries of "youve been gone HOURS!!!" (3 actually), later we ate buffet dinner though s we were all stuffed from lunch, played cherades, watched a film then dispanded home.

27th - CHILL OUT!! Try to remember MRI scan tomorrow at 12!


I spent the 24 at home just preparing my tables and the kitchen for Christmas just my son and my husband, playing Christmas music and then my brother-in-law came over stayed for awhile and then left I had a nearly night.

On the 25th my husband paid for a Christmas dinner out for me as last Christmas I cooked for the family and made myself very ill last year, si he made it so I didn't have to lift a finger. my Christmas dinner at the pub was awful the boys had fish so there's were lovely but absolutely awful I got my money back. I went home put my feet up and did absolutely nothing lovely. Got up at ten to start my prep for boxing day.

Boxing Day all the family came over for The Day a Buffet lunch which involved a lot of cooking and presenting

It was a busy exhausting day it got to three a o'clock when I nearly collapsed with pain when I remembered that I had not taken any.

any of my tablets, or eaten as I am diabetic. I just wanted the day to be perfect for my family.

I always celebrate Christmas like its my last so that I don't miss any of the fun in my family as it might just well be my last , as I have has too many scares thought the years. I went to bed at 10 o'clock Boxing Day and I awoke 3:30 PM the next day which is today,ha ha I over worked my body and I am still in pain today my legs feel swollen and numb, but to spend a day being hostess for the people I love all twenty five of them is worth it!

Luppychick x. Happy Holidays. X


24th Last bit of shopping at local shop at 7am!! Felt sooooooo ill was dreading Christmas Day

25th felt better. Collected ex foster child( now adult ) and went to Sandringham. Lovely atmosphere, service was relayed to visitors outside the church. As I was in my wheelchair the police kindly gave me prime position. Chatted to Anne and her husband, Camilla and Sophie and saw all the rest of the family The Royals were all very kind and it was so nice to see the warm reception the public and the Royals gave to each other.

Home to pre -prepared lunch and a rest, day went well for a change though very tired.

26th A nice lazy day with our ex foster son before he returned home, all in all a happy holiday.


P.S. Sorry, Happiness, health and good luck for the New Year to you all, River x


wow it is so good to know what everyone was upto this holiday. i wish u all a wonderful new year.

hugs xxxxx


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