hi i m back again

hi all i have after blood test been refered to a rheumatologist (dec 14th).. i have hed very painful lumps appearing randomly on my body in very odd places..they sometimes give me no end of pain for a day or two and then disappear quickly (small ones) or remain for weeks..they are very hard, red and hot to question is about a similar hard red swelling i have behind my knee, the difference being it is huge, and today it is extending above my knee and down onto my is sooo painful and now my foot is starting to ache too...anyone have any ideas at all please..? :) xx

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Hives maybe?


I also get these. They can be incredibly painful, the part of the body becomes swollen and they can disappear within hours or days. The most common place is on my fingers and hands, although I have had them just about everywhere on the body. They go dark, just like a bruise, and then just disappear. I have asked my Lupus specialist and he could not give me a rational answer as to why. At first I thought that I must have struck something for it to happen. But I now realise that is not the case.

I know this does not give you an answer as to why, but at least you know now that you are not alone in getting these.


Hi lina, sorry you're suffering like this. You explain the lumps exactly how I get these.. I have Lupus Panniculitis. At the moment I'm at the end of a flare, the inflammation's gne down dramatically. But my lumps also get very hard and sore to touch making it very uncomfortable to sit and lay etc. Some lumps are small and others are mass swellings that make a whole area "blow up" if you want to describe it as anything! And I mean blow up! Left different parts of my body look unreal before! I usually suffer very bad fevers when this flares up, leaving me poorly for weeks. When they eventually disappear they go very dry and flaky and sometimes scar.


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