stopping immunosurpressants

any body ever stopped taking immunosurpressants after been on them for a year?,i stopped taking them 5 weeks ago due to low white blood count,i have no signs of a flare and up to last weeks blood test my kidneys were ok(have pre nephritis) i go to hospital on thursday to see the doctors who say i will be put back on it,im confused about why they let me go 5 wks without it then restart,is this incase the lupus starts attacking again??

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  • You don't say which drug you were taking?

  • It is probable that they only stopped it to let your white blood cells regroup. If you have pre-nephritis you should do whatever they tell you to do. Nephritis can lead to kidney failure and that can lead to all sorts of undesirable things!

    I'm sure you feel better without - but long term you may feel a whole lot worse if you don't take them!

  • depends what u have, what u're taking & WHY u're taking them

  • I take Imuran and when my white cells dropped to 2.5 my imuran was stopped for 4 weeks this was to give the white cells time to come back up when the reached 3 the imuran was restarted at 100mg I had been taking 150mg. That was about 6mths ago my white cells now stay at 4.5 which is very good and the highest they have been in years.

  • hi ladies i take mycophenolate and had to as i had nephritis stage 4,yes they did say it was stopped for a few weeks only but as my white cells still low it just keeps getting left,il see what they suggest on thursday i suppose,thanks for you replies x

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