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Huh !!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Well, been thinking for a long while about reducing my hours at work , so i get a day off mid week. I have been finding a full week quite hard for a long time.

I asked my OH what he thought , and he agreed and said to do whatever i feel and not to worry .

But then i burst in to tears !? I didnt see that coming ! I am very pleased to have finally said it but i almost feel like i've failed in some way even though logically i know its not my fault.

Please tell me that this will improve things a little for me !!!????

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u haven't failed larissa, u've just taken the first step 2 accepting that u have health issues & have 2 put u'reself first! It's hard 2 admit things r too much & getting it out there in the open is a hard step as once u've said it out loud it makes it's more real somehow. I know it doesn't seem like it but u've taken a very positive step by saying u need 2 take a step back. It shows that u're trying 2 keep control of the situation, rather than it having control over u, It's better this than a few months down the line where u're making u'reself worse by pushing u'reself & getting called in 2 explain why u're performance aint up 2 scratch ;0)


You've hit the nail on the head i think and your comments have uplifted me , so thankyou x


aw bless u, thanks. u'll get there my lovely ;0) x


Last year I worked at a seasonal job part-time in catering, which is quite hard on the old joints. I was glad when it finished for the season and I noticed that my health improved very much. I recently returned, and my gosh I am so much worse and struggling. Like most I really need the income, and am torn as to what to do. I too am going to have to make a decision as to whether to carry on. But reading this forum makes me realise that jeopardising one's health is not worth it, and if less hours helps you to control things and helps you to feel better and also cope, then you have definitely made the right decision and have not failed in any way but triumphed! Take care.



I wish you well in whatever decision you make x


Sher has as always said it all. I do believe accepting this thing is an important step in getting to grips with it. Rather ride along than trying to fight it.

Take great care and get a dose of this site every day;)


Yes, this site is invaluable . I thought i had accepted it so i was so surprised when i cried ! but maybe i hadnt exepted it properly . I find having to say no to things quite painful too ( at work ) but i have become more assertive so now i am finding it a bit easier! I think these are all positive but hard steps but i am getting there ! x


I'm in a similar position - I burst into tears with Occ Health. They really are not very expert and in my opinion are just covering their backs. I have until the end of January to find a suitable job within the organisation but it's not looking good at the moment so I am wondering whether to look elsewhere and how other employers will view me knowing the time off I have had from work. At the end of the day, when I have my logical head on is that your health is important and so is your family. I think I can't cope with both. Anyway, I hope it all goes ok for you. x


I hope you find a job that suits your needs.

My fingers are crossed for you x


Hi Larissa,

I work in foundation been thinking exactly the same.

Our jobs are so demanding especially as we are on our feet constantly then when we do sit we are on tiny chairs or sit on the floor to work alongside.

Did you reduce your hours? By Friday I'm exhausted.



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