Does anyone have trouble with gastroparesis? I am nauseated and the sight of some foods just make me sick.What do you do?

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  • Not nice at all. I think I know how you're feeling. It's dreadful, and I totally feel or you, having had something similar for years. I've only just learned there is a name for persistently feeling the way you describe. So, am not sure if what i'm going to post could be useful to you - maybe, maybe not. Until now the specialists & my GP have called my chronic version of this: functional dyspepsia, or chronic gastritis. But what I've learned about gastroparesis v much sounds like my problem.

    Basically, my persistent nausea developed a decade or so ago, when I was in my 40s, after several years on prescription NSAIDs and pain killers for spine issues. None of these meds helped my pain much, probably because my lupus had not been diagnosed (now I'm on plaquenil which helps A LOT with all my joint/muscle pain). Anyway, this persistent nausea got worse over several years, continuing even once I'd stopped the NSAIDs etc. Another specialist & my GP put me on nexium & domperidone, saying I'd have to take them for the rest of my life. But several years ago I started on an antiinflammatory diet and stuck to it strictly for 2 years, and a bit less strictly for a few more years after that. Amazingly, I was then able to come off the nexium etc 2 years ago, and have since been able to manage any nausea with diet. If I feel any nausea beginning to come on, I stick to the anti inflammatory diet more strictly. I do take a few supplements too (vit D, C, B etc), but freshly made ginger tea daily is key to my version of this diet: it helps enormously to damp any nausea down. And also, I have a really great osteopath who does a special sort of stomach treatment which works great if my nausea is being stubborn.

    Well, hope there is something in my reply to help you. Courage, and take care

  • Thank you Barnclown,I appreciate your response and I think I will try the ginger tea.Someone else told me about that I just don't like the taste,but I guess I acn get use to it.

  • Yes, it took me awhile to get used to the taste. Keeping it weak helped, and even now, years later, I find weak ginger tea little & often is best. I even keep a lightly stronger concentrated version in the fridge in a bottle for a few days, and use this like cordial (putting a little in a mug and topping that up with either hot or cold water). I like it unsweetened, but honey might help you, and in my experience manuka honey really helps my flares

    Also, for what it's worth: i start my day with unsweetened muesli, bluebarries & Probiotics unsweetened yogurt with sunflower & pumpkin seeds & over all that I sprinkle a dessertspoon of milled flax seed + a heaped teaspoon of bot ground ginger and ground cinnamon. If my nausea is playing up, I can only eat a small bowl. But for me, this sort of breakfast really seems to help

    Good luck & take care

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