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Hi everyone

I am 48 year old lady who have been dx with lupus for 8 years but looking back on symptoms have had lupus since I was about 11/12, had a pretty hard time to start with but now everything is mostly under control and at the moment seem to be leading a pretty, dare I say, "normal" life I am under 2 excellent teams one at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and St Thomas in London. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know all you other Lupies :)

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Welcome, I only joined the other day and have seen quite a few new people join since then. I am so glad to have people to chat to that know what we are going through...



I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed with lupus last year but symptoms since 2008. I have Lupus GlomeruloNephritis Class III – focal and

segmantary Glomerulonephritis. I'm glad to have this site and ppl with the same problem


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