Hi,I am new here,I am awaiting a rhumotologyy appt after being referred by GP. My symptoms go back about 14 years. Just wondering if this photo of a rash I get every holiday looks like a lupus rash or just a heat rash. I usually get it on my chest & legs. It has left very dark discolouration on my chest. Thank you in advance. Cel.

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  • Welcome Cel on this wonderful and helpful forum!

    I get that same rash on my chest in a loose large shawl shape very often. It goes away after a while without leaving a scar.

    I was diagnosed with UCTD 2 years ago but I feel I have SLE based on my symptoms, bloodwork and urinesample.

  • Hi Patricia,it is so painful when it starts to come out. What does UCTD stand for ? I have so many of the symptoms of SLE but my bloods were ok except for thyroid which was low so I have just had it repeated.

  • UCTD stands for Undifferentiated Connective-Tissue Disease. It is when they know you have a connective tissue disease because of clinical signs and bloodwork but they don't know which. It can stay UCTD forever or evolve in SLE f.i.

    Please read for more info on it.

    I have high positive ANA for years now (even though since 2 years on immuno modulating medicine, low positive ANCA, blood from renal system in my urine and 5 of 11 diagnostic SLE criteria.

  • Forgot to add that if my skin gets sun the rashes are burning painful and often they itch.

  • I get this rash on any uncovered skin every time I go in the sun and also on some cloudy days. I have SLEPT.

  • Hi Margaret,

    What is SLEPT?



  • Oops Predictive texting turned SLE into slept

  • LOL

  • Don't know if it's a man thing... but when I get a rash on by body, when it dissappears it leaves a lighter patch of skin. I've talked to two other men with lupus and they have the same thing. I do find if I have been out in the sun the rashes are always worse.

  • I've had something similar all my life across my upper chest to my throat & I've aged, it's become permanent...but: it does get even worse in heat....and even worse if exposed to the sun. I'm 62 and my lupus was infant onset. My version of this also flares in any other part of my bod that's exposed to the sun. For what it's worth, I'm told that my version of lupus is the vascular type.

    Hope you'll let us know what your medics say

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • I'm sure I will be waiting ages until I get the appt. I think I have finally found a understanding GP though so I'm happy about that. I was in hospital a couple of years ago with kidney problems,I'm now wondering if this was a flair up. I ended up with sepsis so was a scary time, not that I remember much of it x

  • HI cel91273,

    If you'd like more information about skin involvement in lupus, we have a booklet that you can view and download at

    If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we also have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

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