Insect Bites

I have asked this question before but,I don't know if anyone has had the same experience.My friend has dog's[which I love dearly]but,each time I have visited her I have been bitten so badly which seems to set off my flare.Every bone,or should I say muscle,in my body aches and I have these terrible fevers which come in waves.This last flare is just beginning to ease[after over a week],have seen my GP and bloods have been done so,I am waiting yet again to hopefully get an answer.

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I only have to look at any pet and i get bitten,however its never given me a flare.

I would next time i visit that friend ask her to keep the dog out side as you have been having a bad reaction to her,i'm sure that if you explain she will be to happy to do what you ask.

all the best jan


I am afraid our frienship has taken a bad turn because my friend does not believe her animal's have flea's.the real point is,she has seen how badly bitten I have been and the after effects.I am afraid simply keeping the dog's outside is not the answer and it sems her carpet's are alive with animal flea's.Unfortunately,I will have to stay away because on each visit I have ended up having a flare.Coinsidental?I really don't think so any more.PS I really love the dogs.


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