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joint pain

i ve had pain in my finger joint on and off for some time. recently it has flared up and makes a grating is not red but slightly swollen as i can not get rings on. my rheumy nurse told me to up steroids for a short time. the problem now is that the fing is very stiff when i wake and i am aware of some discomfort when i wake. the odd thing is that my x-ray has just come back normal

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* ops meant FINGER. since i upped steroids it less gratie in the day and not quite as sorebut so stiff on a moring


could be the start of Osteo arthritis may be or just Lupus arthritis ? I have some finger and hand exercises from the physio helps me quite a lot may be you should go to physio and ask for a copy of the sheet of exercises, hope the steroids help too


i had never heard of lupus arth before. the only issue here is that my bloods have never been positive for sle . although i am opn all the sle med s my rheumy has always been reluctant to lable me. he there fore uses term connective tissue disorder. i also have sec fibro and dry eye s , mild osteopinia


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