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Am back!!!!!!!

Well they are not going to silence this fairy.... I am really good and I no longer am going to let the Lupus or anyone bother me anymore...

So here is a lil update.... Still vomiting but I have a reason :) for the vomiting and I will need a lot of support and my 'friends' from here to cheer me along more will be revealed in a couple of days.... I am pushing for my rhuematology appointment to be moved forward and have also today been told by a parent that treated me last week in hospital I look alot better this week than when he saw me... I still have some sleep issues which I think are more caused by lonliness rather than anything else and the lack of being able to sleep..

I am off on holiday in 2 weeks so cannot wait for the fun and games at BUTLINS!!

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So glad your back and sounding sooo good. No one can keep a tinker fairy down! Hugs hope the vomiting stops soon :-)


Me too!! nope us tinker fairies are unstoppable!! also no vomiting today ;) but plenty of nausea :(


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