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the seasons of weather

so used to live like im a vampire stay in keep out the sun through the summer i dont get so many infedtions but my rash go barmy even get it on my toes and just so worn out ......and the snezzing starts as the wonderfull weather gives me hayfeaver ,but to be honest no matter if its spring or winter i get hayfever all seasons does any one elce just dont stop sneezing or there eyes itch like crazy

so winter is on its way can go out a little more but to be bugged down with infections

so far had a realy bad cold and have has a jaw infectionn so felt pritty yuck

and know ear and trought infection so yupieee winter has only just begun so dreadding the next 5 month's wonder whot is next

so no matter what season it is im never free of infections,pain and pure "sleeping beuaty" syndrone as i could sleep of ever just got no verrooommmmmmmm

so top and bottom of my moan no matter what season we have i never feel well or got much verooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

moan over

hope you all have a blessed day

tracey xx

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Well, I guess we just have to take what's best from each season. At least in winter we don't really have a problem with sun excess (although living in Scotland I don't really get that much sun anyway). So maybe spend some more time outside? It might be cold but at least the chances of catching a bug are small, afterall you cannot get a cold from nothing, so as long as you keep away from sick people and crowded places you should be relatively fine.

Btw. next time you get some bacterial infection (throat or ear infection etc) ask your GP to take a swab to find out what it really is and how to best treat it. The problem is that we are immumocompromised and without very specific and targeted treatment we can harbour the same infection for months and months without ever getting rid of it. And most bacteria are so versatile they will just go from one body site to another... xx


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