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I have just spent most of the afternoon trying to get some help as I know I am having another flare.The earliest appointment reumatology can give me is November 14th.There are no appoinments available with my GP today.I have to call at 8.30am tomorrow to try and get an appointment.The number is permanently engaged and when you finally get through,there are not appoitments and you can't book for the following day.Do I really have to think about going to A&E to get some help?What can I do?

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  • if there is a specialist nurse try to speak yo them, ring the consultants secatery see if he will give you advice over the phone or Go To A&E and have a little bag packed in case they admit you.

  • Thank you for your advice but,what a way to go on.I have just been violently sick and am waiting to speak to reumy tomorrow or possibly,A&E.Tried calling my GP and reumy,all very stressful but,I will persevere.

  • its so hard sometimes but just keep knocking till someone opens the door and gives you some help. hope you get the help you need soon. sorrry its so awful all the best. it really is dreadful sometimes

  • You've got to persevere. The Nhs as it stands has it's challenges and it's not going to change. It's down to you to keep fighting. Unfair but that's just the way it is

  • Finally got an appointment with my GP.Bloods have been taken and I go back again on Tuesday to discuss a referal back to reumatology sooner than the 14th November which,I was quoted by reumatology.Wish me luck.

  • Good luck Binkey,just keep going,A&E is a good option, but rhumie can normally give you an app in two weeks if your bloods warrant it...bug your GP,

    stay strong.

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